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Bethesda Expanding Creation Kit Beta For Fallout 4

Bethesda is expanding its Creation Kit closed beta, an upcoming modding toolkit to be added to the game.Todd Howard revealed in an interview that the Creation Kit should be launching at some point this month.

Grim Dawn Finally Gets Mod Support

Grim Dawn fans can finally rest.Mod support, the game's number one most wanted feature, is finally available.

(NSFW) This guy's releasing nude and bikini mods for Street Fighter 5

In my Street Fighter 5?It was only a matter of time before Street Fighter 5 got the sexy mod treatment, and one guy's been at it since late March.

These Tree of Savior addons are must-haves for any adventurer

A handful of members of the Tree of Savior community have been sliding out addons since early-to-mid Exclusive Access onto the game's subreddit and more are jumping in the ring to bring further improvements to the game.The Tree of Savior addon community primarily shares their work via GitHub.

The Proper Way to Use GTA Mods is Just Like This

Youtuber BlackSmoke Billy is definitely one of the better modders when it comes to GTA.Most people mess around and cheat with the game for purely evil reasons (cheating or griefing in multiplayer) but not good old Billy.

Stellaris Must-Have Mods

Of course, like many Paradox games, Stellaris is glorious, huge, a little buggy, and awkwardly balanced -- luckily for you, it's also easy to mod.Here are some of the best mods around for fixing broken gameplay elements, adding needed options, and balancing the imbalanced.

Modders Are Already Putting New Doom in Old Doom

Brutal Doom and various other mods are already fantastic!Now we're getting mods for Doom 1 and 2 that add many of the new weapons, features and enemies in sprite form into the original Doom engines.

Doom 2 in Unreal Engine 4 is Crazy Go Nuts

It's a total overhaul and remake of Doom 2 in Unreal Engine 4.It's not an attempt to make a brand new Doom experience with the flashy tech.

Mods coming to Fallout 4 the 31st!

Well after the long wait the time has finally come, mods for Fallout 4 are coming Tuesday, May 31 to Xbox One.This is the first time that mods are coming to console and I for one am excited to see what other games will have mods in the future.

People Are Hard at Work Recreating Destiny's King's Fall Raid in Doom

The best map editors around always see some of the more interesting creations come out of their fan base.Most of the time people do some pretty uninspired stuff (like the millions of recreations of Super Mario Bros. - How to zoom out and in for maximum snakedom

This extension gives you the ability to zoom in and out in Slither.If you're all right with cheating in Slither.

RPG plus Terraria? 2 Mods to Spice Up Your Game!

Enter The Story of Red Cloud, where Terraria and Dark Souls come together in a huge adventure!You dig your way out and then make your way to the nearest village to find out what exactly happened.

RPG plus Terraria? Spice Up Your Game With Red Cloud!

Enter The Story of Red Cloud, where Terraria and Dark Souls come together in a huge adventure!From there, you vow to avenge your family and set out to find the dark leader of the goblins, Attraidies.

Mods have arrived for PC version of No Man's Sky

Fans of the much-hyped exploration game No Man's Sky and who play on PC will be pleased to know that mods are slowly becoming hosts the variety of mods and provides tutorials on how to install the mods into your game.

Mods That Will Actually Make No Man's Sky a Good Game

Let's face it -- No Man's Sky, while fun, impressive, and beautiful, is not exactly what we were expecting.Luckily for PC players, modders are already on the scene, helping to smooth over some of No Man's Sky's rough edges until official patches, updates, and fixes can come out.

The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project Updated to 4.1

The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project 4.This was created by modder ‘Halk Hogan PL’ and is the newest version of the mod avaliable for The Witcher 3.

Skyrim: Special Edition Gets an Update to 1.4 Across All Platforms

The new features include additions to the mod catalog in the form of a new featured category, new mod sorting options, and a new mod rating system, just to name a few.