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Mobile game revenue will exceed PC and consoles for the first time this year

On April 21, digital gaming market research firm, Newzoo, published a new market research forecast on different gaming platforms' global market shares.The report states that mobile devices will be leading gaming platform in the coming years.

9 minutes of Pokemon Go beta footage leaks

Nine minutes of footage from the Australian beta of Pokemon Go has leaked, thanks to YouTube user DarkAthion.The footage shows off various game features -- such as trainer customisation, Pokemon Gyms, map exploration, and egg hatching.

Nintendo confirms Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem for mobile

New mobile games based on Nintendo IPs have been revealed.The announcement was made via Business Wire alongside details of the Nintendo NX release date.

Pathfinder Adventures: Fun fantasy adventure made unplayable by game breaking bugs

I regularly enjoy pen and paper Pathfinder, and I still play the Pathfinder Adventures card game regularly with my gaming group.For those willing to give it a try anyway, you can grab Obsidian's rendition of the Pathfinder Adventure card game right here.

Why Moving to USB Type-C for Audio is Bad for Gamers

This is following rumors that Apple is also  doing away with the standard method of getting audio into your ears by moving over to Lighting only.With upsides like better audio quality, or the ability to have more tech built into the headphones -- like temperature sensors, more accurate heartbeat monitors, or even noise cancellation which doesn't distort the audio as much -- what does this move mean for gamers?

Battleborn's Free Companion Mobile Game That No One Knew About

But did you know about the free-to-play mobile game released by 2K Games alongside of it, called Battleborn Tap?Using their fingers, players tap to shoot lasers at the enemies, helping unlocked heroes fight through endless waves of enemies on a still battleground.

Hot Patootie, Bless my Soul! A Rocky Horror Video Game

Get ready to do the Time Warp again, with a Rocky Horror Dance Game!That's what happened to me and, as a result, I was led to a Kickstarter page for a rhythm action game called The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me Game.

A Game of Coins

A Game of Coins by Tall Guy Productions is about a king that underwent a horrific metamorphosis, due to his evil Advisor, and turned his subjects into coins.This a strategy game like Chess.

Mortal Kombat X celebrates first anniversary on mobile devices with a massive content update

Interactive announced a content update is in order to celebrate.Yesterday was Mortal Kombat X's first anniversary on mobile devices, and Warner Bros.

Is The Angry Birds Movie Doomed From the Start?

Most audience members have agreed that The Angry Birds Movie announcement feels a little late to the party and could be nothing more than an attempt by Rovio Entertainment to reinvigorate fandom towards their franchise.There have been several Angry Bird spin-offs/sequels since the explosion of the original's popularity, such as Angry Birds Star Wars and the recent Angry Birds Action!

Elsword vs Elsword: Evolution, every difference you need to know!

Now KOG Studios has released a new game, Elsword: Evolution, for mobile devices.Unlike Elsword, Elsword: Evolution is not an MMORPG.

Turn on your phone during The Angry Birds Movie credits for a surprise!

Rovio is asking audiences of The Angry Birds Movie to turn on their phones during the credits to get a new game level Rovio Entertainment, the creators of Angry Birds, is asking viewers to turn on their phones during screenings of The Angry Birds Movie.Players will receive a special in-game level for the Angry Birds Action!

Samsung Releases Injustice Batman-Themed Phone To Celebrate...Something?

In case you didn't play the Mortal Kombat-style DC Universe fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us when it came out three years ago, Samsung has got you covered with a brand new Galaxy S7 which bares the Dark Knight's insignia, has a few Waynetech style apps, and comes with both the Gear VR headset and the Android OS version of Injustice.Samsung is introducing its Batman-emblazoned Galazy S7 to China, Russia, America, Korea, and few other limited markets in June, just months after Batman Versus Superman: Dawn Of Justice put a really dour damper on Whatever The Next DC Film Was Going To Be: We're Sorry About Zack Snyder, and some three years after the Android version of Injustice was originally released.

"AdventureQuest 3D" Reveals Guardian Character in Latest Trailer

Yes, AdventureQuest fans rejoice.With the release of AdventureQuest 3D for PC and mobile approaching this fall, the sight of a trailer should come as little surprise.

Nintendo stocks rise as Pokemon GO captures everyone's hearts

94% increase in stock value currently stands as the highest Nintendo has seen in more than two months.While it was seen as inevitable, the move marks one of the strangest for Nintendo -- as they have been against the transition to mobile for some time.

MG releases portable charging station aimed at businesses

For anyone who’s ever had their phone die while out on a Pokemon GO excursion, MG may have a solution.The Novi Portable Charging Station charges eight portable battery packs wirelessly with LunaPulse technology.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Mobile RPG Announced for Japan

Square Enix and Team Ninja have partnered up to unveil their latest entry to the Dissidia franchise, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.The battle system appears to be identical to the one found in Final Fantasy X, called Conditional Turn-Based Battle (CTB).

5 JRPGs That Should Get the Final Fantasy Tactics Treatment

Here are a few JRPGs that should get the Final Fantasy Tactics treatment.Breath of Fire does not have the following to support a proper Final Fantasy Tactics like spin-off, however.

What Went Wrong with Super Mario Run?

However, it seems that for many hopeful gamers, Super Mario Run did not live up to the expectations.Many wondered if Nintendo would be able to translate the Mario franchise into a mobile phone game.

7 Indie Gems That Need to Be Ported to Mobile Devices

With the ever-growing technology of mobile devices, and the rising popularity of mobile gaming, more and more indie games are finding a home on this platform.While puzzle games and basic platformers lend themselves well to mobile gaming, we've seen with recent mobile games like Mobius Final Fantasy that RPGs (and particularly turn-based RPGs) can work surprisingly well, too.