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StarBreak Fungus Cave zone walkthrough

StarBreak's already-challenging difficulty increases significantly from the Fire Forest zone to the Fungus Cave.Definitely go through the Fungus Cave with a group on your first try or you will be incarnating a new shell very quickly.

Conquer settlements from your phone with Lords Online

You can team up with friends, join guilds and conquer all or do it by yourself.There is so much to discover in Lords Online especially while playing with your friends.

Guild Guide: Giving new applicants what they need to succeed in your guild

Having new members join your guild is always exciting, no matter how informal your guild might be.The first thing to do is to go out of your way to include the new member.

Chronicles of Elyria: The Dynamic MMO with Aging and Death

The game aims to be innovative, immersive, and dynamic through a completely player-influenced world.This persuades players to carefully consider their character's choices and actions.

Guild Guide: Making a guild into an inclusive space

How do you make a guild into a space where everyone can be comfortable?To use an example other than an inclusive space, having a bilingual guild would constitute a guiding principle.

Neverwinter Arrives on PS4 this Summer

Salvatore and containing all nine PC expansions, are you ready for Neverwinter?After almost three years after the video game's initial release on the PC platform, Neverwinter, a Massive Multi-player Online Role-playing Game published by Perfect World Entertainment, is arriving this summer on PlayStation 4.

Guild Guide: How to help your guild get better at any game

I've talked about how to help your guild get better at World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV.So before you start worrying about the group doing better, take the time to make sure that you're doing well.

Guild Guide: How to grow permanently when dealing with a short-term population boom

But when you're in those games, these surges mean something.They show up, they talk about enjoying themselves, and then one day they're just.

Guild Guide: Managing your guild's reputation

If you're an officer, you get to set the rules for your guild and make sure your members are following them.So let's talk about managing your reputation, from both a member and an officer's point of view.

Controversy Over Upcoming World of Warcraft Armor Appearances

In that patch, the newest designs for tier 20 armor sets were data mined.However, not everyone is happy about these new armor sets.

If You Love MMOs, You Need to be Paying Attention to Worlds Adrift

There will be few traditional RPG elements in Worlds Adrift, this MMO is meant to be skill and knowledge based.Speaking of oblivion, everything in Worlds Adrift is permanent.

The Technology and the Gaming Connection

The first gaming device, an electromechanical device called Nimatron, was invented by nuclear physicist Edward Condon in 1940 for the New York World’s Fair.It would take about 30 years from gaming technology to develop into something practical for the average consumer.

Technology and The Gaming Connection

It would take about 30 years from gaming technology to develop into something practical for the average consumer.Since then, gaming companies and systems have constantly sought the best technology for the most advanced features.

Multi-crew Ships and Commander Creation to be Included in Elite: Dangerous Beta

Only the chosen ones -- commanders selected by Frontier will be able to participate in Beta Test of a new expansion pack for Elite: Dangerous.3 of the game will be going into Beta stage on 26th February and will feature major additions to ED Universe.

Is The Federal Gunship Worth Buying in Elite: Dangerous?

This is you, flying Federal Gunship in Elite: Dangerous.According to the Elite: Dangerous wiki page, the Federal Gunship is a support combat ship, which means that it is not worth buying her if you are planning to explore or trade.

Guild Guide: Dealing with Disgruntled Members

Half of the guild wants to focus more heavily on raiding, half of the guild wants to focus more on small-group activities.So let's talk about how you can deal with disgruntled members before they're former members.