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The Technology and the Gaming Connection

The first gaming device, an electromechanical device called Nimatron, was invented by nuclear physicist Edward Condon in 1940 for the New York World’s Fair.It would take about 30 years from gaming technology to develop into something practical for the average consumer.

Technology and The Gaming Connection

It would take about 30 years from gaming technology to develop into something practical for the average consumer.Since then, gaming companies and systems have constantly sought the best technology for the most advanced features.

Multi-crew Ships and Commander Creation to be Included in Elite: Dangerous Beta

Only the chosen ones -- commanders selected by Frontier will be able to participate in Beta Test of a new expansion pack for Elite: Dangerous.3 of the game will be going into Beta stage on 26th February and will feature major additions to ED Universe.

Is The Federal Gunship Worth Buying in Elite: Dangerous?

This is you, flying Federal Gunship in Elite: Dangerous.According to the Elite: Dangerous wiki page, the Federal Gunship is a support combat ship, which means that it is not worth buying her if you are planning to explore or trade.

Guild Guide: Dealing with Disgruntled Members

Half of the guild wants to focus more heavily on raiding, half of the guild wants to focus more on small-group activities.So let's talk about how you can deal with disgruntled members before they're former members.

Grinding to a Halt: Why MMOs Should Really Rebuild Their Quest Structures

Let me be perfectly honest with you; there is no chance that there will be no grinding in games -- especially true in MMO games.It seems that Hello Games people one day were sitting behind the table and decided that NMS players must grind something.

Elder Scroll Online's Homestead Update Opens Its Doors on XBox One and PS4

The long-awaited "Homestead" update previously launched on PC/Mac on Monday, February 6, 2017, but is now on consoles.Non-ESO Plus Players are limited to 50 furnishings, 1 Trophy Bust, 1 Assistant, and either a Mount or pet within their home.

4 Ways Upcoming MMOs Are Going to Change the Genre Forever

Let's face it, the massively multiplayer gaming arena has become stagnant.Looking to fill that void and permanently change the gaming landscape is Chronicles of Elyria, an incredibly ambitious game that features a mechanic normally thought anathema to all things massively multiplayer: permadeath.

New MMO Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War Just Announced

Get ready to sail the high seas!A Korean developer, JOYCITY, just announced global pre-registration for its upcoming naval warfare MMO Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War.

Sword of Shadows Brings Hardcore Martial Arts Action to Mobile

Then you might want to take a look at Sword of Shadows -- a stunning new 3D MMORPG mobile game published by Snail Games.Released just last week, Sword of Shadows takes you on an amazing martial-arts filled adventure that you can bring with you anywhere.

Why I Rarely Play Free-to-Play Games

I do not dislike all games of any genre, especially of Free-To-Play MMOs.Over-saturation has led to stagnation in the field, with games like Wildstar and Elder Scrolls Online switching between the two.

The Division: Year One in Review

March has ended, spring has sprung, new titles are being spoke of left and right and The Division just finished its first year.Two weeks after launch we had our first patch for the game, Patch 1.

MMOs on the Go: 5 Mobile MMORPGs That Are Definitely Worth Your Time

So without further adieu, I give you (in Google Play rating order) 5 mobile MMORPGS that you definitely need to pick up and play.1 rating on Google Play is the game Izanagi.

Five Reasons There Aren't More Console MMOs

To examine an issue like that, let’s break down five big reasons why they aren't more console MMOs.The traditional PC MMO experience is incredibly diverse and complex -- and many control that complexity with even more complex inputs.

Omnigames Has Announced Its MMO VR Game, Age of Heroes

But developer Omnigames has announced that it's developing an MMORPG VR experience -- with a twist.Dubbed Age of Heroes VR, this upcoming game will allow teams of up to five players to take on MMO style raids and use teamwork to overcome multistage boss fights.