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5 reasons is going to be better than and outlast

From the first week the game was up until just a couple months ago, I played Agar.A modern multiplayer take on the classic game Snake, Slither. brings back private servers, here's how to make them

No wandering to small servers to play, no making your own just for your group of friends--and on the official servers bots were running rampant.As of yesterday Miniclip removed the restriction on private servers, allowing players to once again make servers instead of just relying on the official ones.

A Beginner's Guide To Hockey Stars

And with their newest release Hockey Stars, they've proven that they haven't lost a step.The game proceeds kind of like a turn-based game of air hockey, except that you have five paddles instead of one.

A Look at Possibly The Next Big IO Game

A few months ago, the game portal added a new section specifically for.Since then a number of games have joined the site under the new category, games like Slither.