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You Laugh You Lose: 10 Minecraft Memes

Don't you dare giggle, smirk or smile over these Minecraft Memes.The kicker: You laugh, you lose.

Worlds collide in Super Mario Mash-Up Pack for Minecraft: Wii U Edition

The Super Mario Mash-Up Pack features many new features for Minecraft including  40 Super Mario themed skins, world and item textures from Nintendo's world famous franchise, new blocks, and 15 music tracks from the Nintendo 64 classic Super Mario 64.Content for this Super Mario themed pack draws heavily from the 3D Super Mario games, with the key games in question being Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine.

Humongous Hex Map Conjures Settlers Of Catan

This absolutely massive map measures nearly six square kilometers and you will find something to drool over in each region, nook, and cranny.This absolutely massive map measures nearly six square kilometers and you will find something to drool over in each region, nook, and cranny.

How to print your Minecraft World

Here is a way for you to 3d print your Minecraft world!Ever created something in Minecraft that you thought would be super awesome to have in real life?

Minecraft + Game of Thrones = One EPIC land of blocks

When I figured out how to build a roof in Minecraft I was pretty proud of myself.Then I stumbled upon the WesterosCraft, and my mind was blown.

Minecraft — Simpsons Kitchen Hunger Games. Let the games begin, but who will win?

These guys take on The Hunger Games on the Simpsons Map.There are a few rules.

Mojang Has Some Big News — Minecraft is Coming to China

Microsoft has signed a five-year deal with NetEase, a Chinese Internet Technology Firm.Part of the deal includes Mojang developing a special version specifically aimed at the Chinese market.

Do You Think You Can Build A Better Minecraft Roller Coaster Than THIS?

Youtuber MrWhaleyz shows off his awesome roller coaster in Minecraft.I can't tell how long it took to build, I just know it probably took countless hours.

Upgrade Your Minecraft Security By Making Key Card Activated Doors

The options are endless in Minecraft.If you can imagine it, you can probably build it.

Minecraft Player Recreates The 1996 Independence Day Movie Trailer And It's Fantastic

Youtuber MonorisuFilms created a movie trailer based on the 1996 movie Independence Day.He uses the audio from the original movie trailer with re-enacted footage in Minecraft.

He's Building ALL of Destiny in Minecraft. ALL OF IT!

One Minecraft master has created what may be the most unbelievable goals ever, he wants to recreate all of Destiny.All.

This Minecraft Parody About Mining At Night Is LEGENDARY

If you've ever mined at night, you've run into zombies or a creeper and they are NOT your friends.Youtuber BebopVox YOGSCAST created a Minecraft Parody called "Don't Mine at Night.

Telltale Games, Mojang, Minecraft Story Mode Epsiode 6: Will You Survive the White Pumpkin?

Telltale Games, indie game publisher and developer known for narrative story telling games, and Minecraft's Mojang released episode 6 of their Minecraft: Story Mode series today.The episode, "A Portal to Mystery" is available digitally for Mac and PC users from TellTale's Online Store as well as Steam.

Procedural generation - the future of gaming?

When the concept of procedural generation of levels in a video game comes up, its probably the unlikely success of Minecraft and those horribly ugly block universes that come to mind.With story-lite, combat-focused games, procedural makes sense Not all games are created equal though, and what works for an action RPG or space exploration sim might not work for shooters or story-based games.

Using Minecraft to Help Kids Learn Video Game Design

At VisionTech, this game is being used in an effort to better teach them about the concept of video game design.The camp teaches how to design a simple game in Minecraft, using in game elements as their overall interaction with the environment.