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Geek Chic: A look at J!NX's new Overwatch apparel

The Overwatch beta may be ending on May 10th, but soon we will have the full version to sink our teeth into.While the Blizzard store has had Overwatch clothing available for quite some time, a lot of it is understated.

Window Shopping: 5 Gamer Gear Websites That Probably Aren't on Your Radar

And by-gosh it took awhile, but we think you're going to like what we've found.Now, put down your customized controller because here are 5 Gamer Gear Websites That Probably Aren't on Your Radar.

Nintendo Switch May Have Prolonged Battery Life in the Near Future

In the short time that it's been out, the Nintendo Switch has gained a lot of popularity.Something that could be of concern to Switch players is taking the Nintendo Switch out to play in public.

3 In-Game Items From Persona 5 That We Want in Real Life

Whether you’ve invested dozens of hours into it, or are just an outsider looking in, there’s one thing that everyone can agree upon about Persona 5: the wicked dope style that permeates every ounce of the game.So with that being said, here are three items from the new Atlus RPG that we wish we could own beyond the screen.