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The First Person to Hit 100 in Overwatch

Now I thought I was playing a bit too much since the game released but this puts my shame to shame.With 13 hours of each day going into playing you have to wonder if he ever decided to stop in a moment of clarity.

Summer Games Done Quick (2017) Released Its Full Schedule

Twice a year Games Done Quick holds a speed running event, one in January called, “Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ)” and one in the summer, which is coming up known as "Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ)." The event runs for a week, starting on Sunday, July 2 ending Sunday, July 9.

Cringe Overload: 7 Worst Moments from Past GDQ Marathons

While the event is a major highlight of many gamers' summers, it's not all smiles and laughs.To get you ready for what you're in for, here are some of the most cringe-worthy moments from GDQs of the past.