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Nordic Games is releasing a retail version of Ori and the Blinds Forest

Four years after its release, Ori and the Blind Forest will see the shelves.Nordic Games partnered up with Microsoft Studies and Moon Studios to bring Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition to retail.

[Interview] Pirate Software Talks about Heartbound's Journey of Emotion

This is only the beginning of the demo for the game Heartbound, an emotional story driven RPG looking to be funded on Kickstarter.This is its first attempt at being crowfunded, and its being developed by the ambitious team over at Pirate Software.

5 Pieces of League of Legends Lore That Will Change How You See Your Favorite Champions

With the launch of League of Legends Universe Beta, the world of Runeterra has become more detailed.A portal to all the regions and champions who battle on the rift, Universe Beta contains a plethora of lore.