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Suda 51's first game, The Silver Case, will be officially localized

The first game Suda 51 developed with Grasshopper Manufacturer, The Silver Case, will be releasing in the Fall for PC.The Silver Case was first game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and was originally released in 1999.

Chinese Pokémon fans livid at name changes

For example, where in Taiwan the series was once called "Magic Babies," that'll be shelved in favor of "Jingling Baokemeng".Needless to say, long-time Pokémon fans are not happy with these changes.

Metacritic Demands Exclusive Quotes From Non-English Publications

In order to be listed on either site, publications must submit a review quote in English which summarizes their review.However, Metacritic have responded by creating a new rule, for all publications who wish to be listed, which states that all review quotes provided are exclusive to Metacritic.