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Goodbye Doobjanka... We'll Miss You

a Doobjanka), WarcraftPets' community leader for the past 6+ years.If you'd like to say your own goodbye to Doobjanka, feel free to do so in his , or leave a comment below.

Batman is now a "symbol of inspiration"

If there’s one comic book character who has actually managed to be surprisingly malleable as a symbol, it’s Batman.While Superman will always stand for justice, Wonder Woman will represent compassion and Deadpool will be a symbol of how to cash in on crippling mental problems, Batman is more than that.

HTC Vive VR review: great ideas, unfinished execution

It’s coming out a week after the Oculus Rift, a competing headset with impeccable polish but limited ambition.Since its first prototype was announced in early 2015, the Vive has been very clearly a full VR system, not just a headset.

Movies out Today: 8 April 2016

Much like the completely under-the-radar marketing campaign, critics are giving away no details about 10 Cloverfield Lane.For now, you can go with the Certified Fresh 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, alongside the average audience rating of 83%.

The Jungle Book review: a stunning and emotional game changer

There's no question about it: The Jungle Book is one of the most beautiful movies to come out of the studio in years.The Jungle Book follows the "human-cub" Mowgli (Neel Sethi), who has been living in the jungle among a pack of wolves since he was a toddler.

Famed speedrunner Narcissa Wright deletes Twitch account, citing abuse

She posted on Twitter that she had closed her streaming page, even though it is her main source of income.I feel like I have to constantly apologize for being myself.

Captain America: Civil War Is Getting Rave Twitter Reactions From Critics After Press Screening

Full review embargoes won’t be lifting until next Wednesday, but for now Twitter is a good way for the critics to speak about the movie.This is much more than what we saw after the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiere where random fans were tweeting after the movie, as this instead involved critics and everything.

LG G5 review: An interesting idea, shoddily executed

On paper, the LG G5 seems like a great device.And when you take a closer look, the LG G5 starts to disappoint.