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AMD might launch Polaris R9 490X and R9 490 in June

They did reveal Pascal’s architecture and several cards for Deep AI learning, but the anticipated next generation of their gaming cards were absent.Surprising given that AMD have been speaking about their Polaris architecture for a while now, which may have its own range of gaming cards as early as June.

SpaceX says cargo launch ready, hopes to “nail the landing” this time

Koenigsmann estimated that only about one-third to one-half of SpaceX flights with the Falcon 9 rocket will have enough fuel margin to return to land.The company is also closely watching Friday's launch because it marks only the third flight of its upgraded Falcon 9 rocket.

Watch live: SpaceX to launch, hopefully land its rocket today

With an instantaneous launch window that opens and closes at 4:43pm ET (9:43pm BST) today, SpaceX will attempt to send its Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft soaring into space.According to today's flight profile, the first stage main engines will cutoff at 2 minutes, 30 seconds after launch.

Dead by Daylight Beta Launched: How Will You Survive?

Get ready to run from a killer in Dead by Daylight's beta, now available from now to June 12.Dead by Daylight is an upcoming horror multiplayer game by Behaviour Digital Inc.

Tumblestone Drops Onto Home Consoles Today

Are you looking for one of those "match three" puzzle games, except one boasts all manner of gameplay options, completely reinvents the genre, and lets you play as a sausage?If so, it's a good thing that Tumblestone is available on pretty much every major home console right now.

The Switch is Out and These 3 Launch Titles are a MUST!

Previously known as Fast Racing NEO, Fast RMX is an remix meant to show the power the Nintendo Switch possesses.Showcasing the Nintendo Switch's hardware, Fast RMX runs at a stellar 60 FPS at 1080p resolution.