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The Dream Team behind Mighty No. 9

It reveals an action-packed game and a killer combo system within a world of vibrant hues and humor.The main hero, Beck, with his Megaman-esque suit, speeds through levels with his blast attack and his Kirby-like ability to absorb enemy abilities to beat the 12 levels.

Build Your Fantasy with Epic Tavern

Epic Tavern, the first management RPG (don’t tell Tapper), was announced yesterday on Kickstarter.Here's a peek at the game's development stream:  Developed by Hyperkinetic Studios LLC for Windows PC, Epic Tavern is a management, fantasy, RPG hybrid, where you take the role of the Tavernmaster -- the person running the tavern and everything else in the game.

Overwhelming Kickstarter Success for Russia-based InSomnia devs

Today has seen another successful Kickstarter campaign for Russia-based developers Studio MONO and their retrofuturistic RPG InSomnia.This is not the first successful Kickstarter campaign for the InSomnia crew.

Be the Dinosaur You Were Born to Be in Saurian

Becoming a paleontologist never panned out, but thanks to Urvogel Games' Saurian: Hell Creek, there is a possibility for dinosaur lovers like me to scratch that scaly itch which never seems to truly fade.Different dinosaur types have their own skillsets, and players will have to shift their playstyles from dinosaur to dinosaur in order to endure Saurian's rigorous climate.

SolForge is Leaving Early Access after Three Years

Unleash the warmth within when SolForge becomes fully available on Steam on May 31.In 2012, a campaign was started on Kickstarter by Stone Blade Entertainment for their new collectible card game.

Outcast Remake Confirmed as Outcast: Second Contact

After a Kickstarter attempt in 2014 failed to materialise, Outcast, a critically acclaimed 1999 Action Adventure video game has recently been announced to be receiving a remake.Appeal, the Belgian developers behind the original, are confirmed to be developing the remake, with Bigben Interactive, a French publisher, providing funding.

Niche: A Genetic Survival Game

There are dominant, recessive, and co-dominant genes, and new genes can even be unlocked and discovered.The variety of genes in the game allows for many different strategies to survive.

Fable CCG heads to Kickstarter with ex-Lionhead devs

When Microsoft shuttered Lionhead Studios, some developers took it upon themselves to carry on the hugely popular Fable series and create Fable Fortune, a new card game based on the series.The card game was previously a secret project that Lionhead was working on, but when the studio closed, three of Lionheads developers formed Flaming Fowl Studios and, with permission granted by Microsoft to continue using the Fable IP, carried on working on Fable Fortune.

Caramel Mokaccino: An Otome Game About Love and Coffee

The developers hope to release the game by December 2016.The developers hope to release the game by December 2016.

Moonlighter -- An Action RPG about a shopkeeper now on Kickstarter!

Ever played a fun, action-based RPG but wondered what went on in the town store when you were out adventuring?Make way for a new retro-looking action RPG, folks.

Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me Succeeds on Kickstarter

A wild an untamed thing has reached its goal on Kickstarter, and will be released in 2017.Get ready to do the "Time Warp" again with the folks over at Rocket Lolly Games as they give us something more than just visual that will make you shiver with antici.

Myst Artist Launches Kickstarter for New Puzzle Adventure ZED

Acclaimed video game artist Chuck Carter (Myst, Command & Conquer, Nox) launched a new Kickstarter campaign this week for a new puzzle adventure game called ZED.He and his small Central Maine-based studio Eagre Games are hoping to crowdfund enough money to bring some more talent on board to take ZED into its final stage of development.

Moonlighter ARPG reaches Kickstarter Goal

A new ARPG with rogue-lite elements has surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter with time to spare!Digital Sun Games must be excited that their ARPG Moonlighter has met and surpassed its goal of $40,000 on Kickstarter.

Cosmic Star Heroine finally gets trailer and more

Nearly three years later, the wait to play Cosmic Star Heroine is almost over.Today on the PlayStation Blog, developer Robert Boyd of Zeboyd Games announced Cosmic Star Heroine with a teaser trailer.

Clannad Side Stories Released on Steam

The game is a companion game to Visual Art's/Key's bestselling visual novel Clannad, which is best known in the West for inspiring a critically-acclaimed anime television series and movie of the same name.A kickstarter original Clannad anthology manga is forthcoming.

The PissPadd: Bringing Video Games to your Bathroom Breaks

Playing water-sports will never be more fun than with the PissPadd - it can turn your daily bathroom break into a full on game - quite literally.Your 'stream' will hit the pad -- which consists of over 1000 measuring points -- and that will control the score.

Dino Talk with Saurian Devs Urvogel Studios

Together, they make an open world dinosaur game thanks to Urvogel Studios.Many great games have been released thanks to Kickstarter, like Shenmue III, Superhot, and Star Citizen.

Torment: Tides of Numenara is Delayed, Backers get Beta Access

Sorry Planescape: Torment fans, the spiritual successor Torment: Tides of Numenara is being pushed back.In their update for the game's Kickstarter, Brian Fargo states that he wants to give the localization team more time to touch on the game.

Prey for the Gods Kickstarter Sucessfully Funded: Shadow of the Colossus has a Spiritual Successor Coming

Do you like Shadow of the Colossus?The game also advertises a soundtrack composed by Ian Dorsch, whom you may recognize as the composer of the opening and closing music themes for the internet review series Zero Punctuation, among other things.

Lightspeed Frontier On Kickstarter Needs Your Help!

Lightspeed Frontier is a game on Kickstarter which is going to appear at PAX West 2016 in the indie megabooth from September 2nd to the 5th.Ahead of it's appearance during PAX West, the dev team have made a wonderful Kickstarter page to help get it funded.