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Use QooApp to download and install Japanese and Korean Android games

Downloading Asian Android games is a lot easier than it used to be thanks to QooApp.Dealing with the English side of Google Play is an easy process.

5 JRPGs So Artistic They Make You Rethink the Genre

But it's not just looks that elevate a game to artistic status.Immersive worlds and the creatures or characters you find in them add another layer of depth to a "pretty" game.

A Comprehensive List of 11 JRPGs Coming to the US This Year

It's a good year for video games, with games like Resident Evil, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Zelda Breath of the Wild coming out.Let me tell you about the JRPGs which are coming to the States this year.

5 JRPGs That Should Get the Final Fantasy Tactics Treatment

Here are a few JRPGs that should get the Final Fantasy Tactics treatment.Breath of Fire does not have the following to support a proper Final Fantasy Tactics like spin-off, however.

New Ni No Kuni II Information Details Higgledies and Kingdom Mode

The official Japanese website for Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom was recently updated with brand new information regarding some of its new features, including Higgledie Leaders and Kingdom Mode.According to this new information on the website, here's what players can expect.

Tales of the Rays English Version Coming This Summer

At this year's Anime Expo in the Los Angeles Convention Center, the Tales Of franchise announced that Tales of the Rays will be getting an English release this coming summer.The announcement might come as a surprise those fans who were hoping for an English release of Tales of Asteria -- one of two mobile Tales games released in Japan in March 2014.

All of 2017's JRPGs Both Already Released and Confirmed

Japanese Role Playing Games, or JRPGs, are a unique genre of games that are a subgenre of Role Playing Games.A simple definition of JRPGs can be just that, an RPG that is made in Japan, but there's much more to it than that.

Monster Hunter Stories Comes to North America in September, Gets Demo in August

Additionally, Nintendo also announced that a downloadable demo will be available on the Nintendo 3DS  eShop on August 10 for North America and Europe.In Japan, the game recently received a version 1.

Monster Hunter Stories Demo Now Available in North America and Europe

The demo lets players create their own character and takes them through the first few hours of the game.The game originally released in Japan on October 8, with an updated re-release, known as Monster Hunter Stories 1.

Re: Legend Kickstarter Campaign Reveals Final Stretch Goal

After earning more than $353,000 and reaching its Magnus Breeding stretch goal, Re: Legend, the monster raising JRPG developed by Magnus Games through the Square Enix Collective, has revealed its final stretch goal: "End Game +".In addition, more details were revealed on Magnus breeding and the dynamic music which will be featured in the game.

Will FFXV Pocket Edition Be The Best or Worst Final Fantasy Mobile Game?

Also mentioned in the announcement was that FFXV Pocket Edition will be a more casual experience in order to appeal to a wider audience.This isn’t the first Final Fantasy game to come to the mobile platform.

Egglia: Legend Of The Redcap Review -- Great Mobile Experience with Old-School Charm

Along the way, you'll meet a very colorful cast of characters -- and you'll also see a lot of different races from fantasy lore.The game's dialogue is permeated with humor, and it seems to gloss over the whole fate of the world deal.

Monster Hunter Stories Launch Trailer Previews Opening Movie, Story, and Gameplay

A new trailer has also released to coincide with the game's Western launch.In Monster Hunter Stories, players hatch, fight alongside, and ride monsters rather than just hunt them.