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Slayaway Camp - A Gruesome Call Back to 80's Slashers

But not all games have taken the traditional slasher tropes, and Slayaway Camp is one of them.The Slayaway Camp flicks are a parody of the Friday the 13th movies with Skullface being a parody of Jason Voorhees.

Monolith - One of the Most Fun Roguelikes This Year

So, now that we have the gist of what Monolith is about, let's get down to the nitty-gritty details.Awhile ago, if someone told me, "how cool would it be to combine a roguelike with a shoot'em up?

The Tenth Line Review -- Not Quite Your 90's RPG Nostalgia

The Tenth Line is heavily inspired by PlayStation RPGs of the 90’s, such as the Final Fantasy titles of that era.And the "Story" mode is recommended for players who are more interested in the story than the gameplay.

Show Off Your Indie Game at DreamHack Atlanta

If you're an independent developer looking for an opportunity to show off your latest game, get in front of a large crowd during DreamHack Atlanta.Applications are now open for the Indie Game Arcade sponsored by Pharaoh's Conclave and DreamHack Atlanta.

Unbox: Newbie's Adventure Review -- Fun With Boxes

This particular game also features no cartoonish humans, anthropomorphic reptiles, marsupials, or sentient magical gloves.Well, Unbox: Newbie's Adventure has the answer you're looking for.

How Does The End Is Nigh Stack Up to Edmund McMillen's Other Games?

It earned a 9 in our review, so we clearly consider it to be on par with McMillen's quality standards.But, being a completely different genre largely makes it unfair to compare it to The End Is Nigh.

Doctor Kvorak's Obliteration Game Review - Bizarre, Unique, and Awesome

That is of course until the release of Doctor Kvorak's Obliteration Game.For instance, Eggloot shows up talking about how Kvorak's fear of bugs.

Graceful Explosion Machine Confirmed to Release on PS4 and PC

Originally released on the Nintendo Switch in April, GEM will be available August 8 for PS4 and PC.Focusing on combat, GEM uses four weapons to create chaotic explosions, which will eradicate enemies in over 30 levels throughout four different planets.

Interviewing the Arctic Developers of Distrust

In Distrust, the player must manage a pair of survivors as they explore a randomly-generated arctic base -- picking up tools, avoiding monsters, and dealing with the harsh climate.GameSkinny: What was the draw to use John Carpenter's The Thing as inspiration for Distrust, as opposed to other horror movies?

ProjectMQ: A Platform Built for the Indie Game Community

This is much more than a social platform dedicated to indie games.It’s a thriving community of indie fans and indie developers that seeks to educate as well as elevate.

The 5 Most Stressful Video Game Moments

Here are the five most stressful moments in video games.It'll force you to do whatever it takes to find that scrap of food that'll keep you going for a little longer.

Augmented Empire: A Treat for VR Fans Looking for A Damn Good Story

Their latest game, Augmented Empire, is a strategy RPG that takes place in the class-divided city of New Savannah.Anyone who has played XCOM or XCOM 2 will feel right at home with the way missions in Augmented Empire are setup.

90's Platformer Inspired Griff the Winged Lion Launches Campaign on Kickstarter

The original crowdfunding campaign began around this time last year, but it was unsuccessful.Other features of the game include: Griff the Winged Lion is slated for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in late 2018 or early 2019.

Planet of the Eyes (PS4) Review -- I Have One Eye But I Must Dance

In Planet of the Eyes, you take the role of an unnamed service robot who has been stranded on the mysterious titular Planet of Eyes.The graphics of this game are gorgeous and really lend themselves to the strange world the developers have created.

Want Indie Games On-Demand? You Need to Check Out Jump

It's no secret that good indie games get buried.99 a month, subscribers have unlimited access to a curated library of indie games.

Become Unlonely with New iOS 2D Platformer [Teaser Trailer]

Indie game developer Rinikulous Games has posteda teaser trailer for Unlonely, the follow-up title to Lonely Sun, the developer's initial planetary platformer for iOS devices.Rinikulous Games says that Unlonely is a passion project inspired by Lonely Sun and giving back to the gaming community, including the games journalists that cover the indie gaming scene.