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A Second Battlefleet Gothic Game Authentically Recreates The Tabletop Original

Tindalos Interactive is putting the finishing touches on its real-time strategy game, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.It’s based on the Games Workshop Battlefleet Gothic tabletop game, but some fans might be interested in a more authentic version that captures the flare of miniatures and a dining room table instead.

Searchmetrics | Searchmetrics Announces Industry-First Tracking of Mobile App Performance in Search Results

Google and other search engines are increasingly displaying mobile apps as potential answers to user queries in mobile search results, making search an important channel for driving app installs and attracting traffic, engagement and app conversions.With Mobile App Rankings, marketers can analyze both mobile and tablet search performance for Android and iOS apps, down to specific regions.

Tales Of Link Brings The Cast Of The Tales Series To iOS & Android

Bandai Namco new free-to-play RPG acts as a "who's who" of the Tales series, and is available now on iOS and Android.Something called the "Seed of Ruin" inevitably breaks the seal, and now heaven and Earth are in jeopardy.

Crossy Roads gets a wackier than ever Multiplayer

The extremely popular and critically acclaimed Arcade mobile game Crossy Roads, has received a Multiplayer upgrade.The Multiplayer mode is currently available on Android devices, and should arrive on iOS in May.

Upcoming iOS Games You Might Want to Pay Attention To

Billed as a "Hearthstone-killer", The Elder Scrolls: Legends is Bethesda's entry into the insanely lucrative world of mobile card games.And if you're a fan of TES lore and setting, this is going to be something you want to pay attention to.

Evoland: A Quick Review

Throughout the game, you will be taken on a journey through the evolution of video games over the years.Because "Evoland = Evolution Land".

Telltale Games Reveals A Mr. Robot Game On Mobile

The video above is a behind-the-scenes look at the game that's out right now on Android and iOS for $2.It looks as if you are going to be playing a lot of the game via text based messaging in the game.

Mobile Game Chezz Actually Makes Chess Really Interesting

From the conventional Chess set up to setting the board up diagonally with half the pieces, each game of Chezz will be different from the last.Online matches can be laggy, game pieces don't always register, and there are some long ads that play between matches.

7 Hilarious Mobile Games That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

If you're ever on the go and don't mind mobile gaming, take the time to download these hilarious but also fun games to take a midday break every now and then.Most of these games are pretty time consuming, however, so don't say I didn't warn you.

How to Find the Lazy River in Club Penguin Island

After Club Penguin’s shutdown on March 29, all penguins set sail for Club Penguin Island -- Disney’s mobile-only adaption that launched worldwide the same day.The lazy river is a part of four daily challenges: But where can a penguin find this lazy river to complete challenges?

How to Find and Use Idium, Idium Crystals, and Other Resources in Full of Stars

There are other ways to get Full of Stars resources… app purchases!To view the in-app purchases menu, press the plus sign next to your total number of idium crystals in the top right corner.

Art Of Conquest Looks To Innovate The Mobile MMORTS

Lilith Games have announced that their upcoming mobile MMORTS, Art Of Conquest is looking to "be a step forward in the MMORTS genre," certainly a bold claim.The game is set in the world of Nore, where developers Lilith claim it will set their game apart from other MMORTS's on the market.