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Doom's Honest Game Trailer Is Just Delightful

Their trailer for Doom isn't about the new release specifically so much as it's about the entire Doom series as a whole.Rightfully so, it focuses on the original two Doom entries since they represent so much of what made 90's shooters fun.

Overwatch's Omnic Oppression Justified

If you haven't, here's a taste of what you'll get.I'm cringing as I watch my play of the game, and I'm hanging my head in shame as both teams refuse to commend me afterwards.

Genji Uses Other Team's Bastion to Wreck House

Everyone has an opinion about Bastion.Most of them are pretty bad, unless you're actually playing as him.

Fallout 4's Codsworth Has An Entire List Of Dirty Names He Can Say

One thing Bethesda games have to their credit is the level of immersion available to the player.All these elements help players become totally engrossed in their game.