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However You Feel About Resident Evil 7...It's a Huge Step Up From RE6

The verdict is in: Resident Evil 7 has been hailed as one of the best entries in the series for years.It may not have received quite the same amount of acclaim as the pinnacle of the franchise -- Resident Evil 4 -- but it has regained significant ground left by its immediate predecessor.

Tattletail Review - Five Nights At Furbies

It’s when I took my first step that I realized this was going to be a “fun” experience.Shaking your flashlight (which charges it), sprinting, or neglecting your Tattletail’s needs all cause noise.

7 Reasons Why VR is the Only Way to Experience Resident Evil 7

And the good news is that you’ll be vomiting from the horrors in Resident Evil 7 and not the dizzying movements inherent to certain VR titles.It’s all because of the stereoscopic 3D that you feel immersed in the unnerving environments of Resident Evil 7.

New to Resident Evil? Play These Games in the Series First

With the Resident Evil series being over 20 years old and spanning four generations of consoles it has one of the biggest fan followings of any franchise on the market.If I was pushed to choose only two games from the Resident Evil series it would be the first game and Resident Evil 4.

7 Horror Movie Monsters That Deserve Their Own Game

These are 7 horror monsters that deserve their own slasher video game adaptation.Inspired by a real-life murder, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was unrelenting and visceral establishing itself as a new horror film pushing boundaries seen on film.

Devotion Alpha Gameplay Preview/Steam Greenlight Spotlight

Considering the game is currently on Steam Greenlight, Deadbyte Studios nails the ambiance of survival horror right off the bat.Sticking true to the survival horror roots, there is no real way to defeat it.

Little Scares: Can Horror Games Ever Work on Handheld?

1 surround sound in order to fully immerse yourself in a horror game?Yet, there were far more on Nintendo's portable systems.

5 Scary Games to Keep You Awake at Night

This game will give you nightmares and make you question the sanity of its creators when you face the endings.Then you hear something scuffle away and the moans of something in pain.

Resident Evil Biohazard: Puzzles and Monsters Galore!

The puzzles are extremely challenging and the monsters are about as hardcore as you can get!There's a few puzzles you have to do in the "abandoned" home before the game starts getting really intriguing.

Indiewatch: Knock Knock - A Unique Psychological Horror

In order for a game to be covered on Indiewatch, it must fit into the following criteria: This week, we are taking a look at the psychological horror title, Knock Knock, developed and published by Russian developer Ice-Pick Lodge.Because Knock Knock's narrative and plot are both vague and nebulous, many people have their own theories about the game.

Finally Finished Resident Evil 7? Try Out These Survival Horror Games Next!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a new survival horror game that came out in February 2017.There are quite a few endings and each game is around 9 hours of game play.

5 Most Hilarious Indie Horror Games

In this list, we will be taking a lot at horror games that provide less of a scare, and more of a laugh, through a variety of reasons.While not exactly horror game in the normal sense, Zombie Society takes a fundamental aspect of the genre and transforms it into something different.

Sensory Overload: Will All Horror Games Have to Adopt VR to Keep Up?

These are the senses that games feed upon to keep us invested in them.That's why horror games have benefited so greatly from VR technology.

White Noise 2 Succeeds as Multiplayer Horror, but Needs More Players Badly

In its early access state, White Noise 2 was able to offer a novelty in its gameplay.However, with it still being in early access, this meant that the content on offer was, for better use of a term, lacking.

Outlast 2: A Wicked Religious Experience

I was absolutely gutted when a several month delay happened at the 11th hour back near Halloween 2016, but now Outlast 2 is here and ready to scare your socks off.Unlike with the first Outlast, which is essentially just something you pull out at Halloween to scream for a night, there's now a reason to play through Outlast 2 more than once to search them all down.