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Hitman episode 2 Sapienza assassination guide part 1

If you haven't completed the previous missions yet, be sure to check out our previous assassination guides here.Stop blending in at the level's starting bench and walk left until you see the street that dips down by the blue crosswalk sign.

Mayhem in paradise: Hitman episode 2 lets you kill in an idyllic seaside town

One such change arriving with this episode was sorely needed as – glory of glories!The whole point of each episode is to learn new ways of taking down the targets by completing the level more than once.

Hitman Episode 2 Assassination Guide Part 2: Mommy issues galore!

Freud would be proud of the way Agent 47 gets the target to admit his mommy issues before pulling the trigger in Episode 2, Sapienza!For this unique assassination, you are going to masquerade as a psychiatrist who has been called in to console Caruso.

Hitman episode 2 Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge

Further ahead on the right side of the beach area is a chapel.After the conversation at the confessional is over, head over to the right side of the chapel and go out the side door.