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Why Gandhi is a jerk in Civilization

When it comes to Civ games, Gandhi's behavior can be a bit questionable.This isn't just in Civilization 5, but every Civilization game out there.

Top 7 Perfect Historical Leaders Based on Europa Universalis IV's Standard

In game, Paradox gave historical rulers stats with 0 being the lowest to 6 being the highest based on their administrative, diplomatic and military performance.I will refer to them as the "four military stats" in the list below.

Unlocked: The Evolution of Lockpicking in Western RPGs

If your skill was high enough, the lock would open.In the video game world, this is the equivalent to Ancient Egypt.

The Story So Far -- The Resident Evil Cast (Part 1)

S 'Alpha' team, Chris began his life mission to eradicate bio-weapons after the 'Umbrella Mansion' incident.S 'Bravo' team, Forest was already found dead in the 'Umbrella Mansion', much to the dismay of 'Alpha' team.

The Story So Far -- The Resident Evil Cast (Part 2)

Welcome back to 'The Story So Far-- The Resident Evil Cast Part 2.In Part 1 to this issue, we went through a fair few characters (21 to be exact) that appeared throughout the Resident Evil series.