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Oculus brings real (and pervasive) data-mining to virtual reality

Critical backlash against Oculus's privacy policy reached Capitol Hill on Thursday, when Sen.) demanded that Oculus and its parent company Facebook answer for the data its new headset collects from virtual reality users.

HTC is bringing its Vive VR headset to retail locations

and Canada to bring Vive demos to retail.Up to 30 Microsoft stores will get Vive demo units this year.

HyperX CloudX - Branded for Xbox One, Use it for Everything

The HyperX CloudX, while building on the HyperX Cloud lineup, fits into the product line in a way that is not immediately intuitive beyond the Xbox One branding.My first sense upon getting my HyperX CloudX headset was that it was just an Xbox licensed variant of the Cloud or Cloud II.

Best Affordable PC Gaming Headsets from your favorite brands

The headset comes in gunmetal, red ($90.2,151 reviews, 4.

Logitech G533 Headset Review: Powerful Performance for Clarity of Sound

For us gamers, the most immediate and intimate way of interacting with sound is via the gaming headset.Ingeniously engineered, the Logitech G533 headset stands apart from other gaming headsets on the market.