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Fans send mixed signals about DOOM beta

It's a little hard to gauge the potential success of Doom off of the beta and the feedback received from players.A few said it reminded them of Halo, Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament and it doesn’t feel like Doom.

Master Chief joining the PC Master Race?

Kotaku recently released a report about the future of Xbox consoles, and inside that report was a mention of the Xbox One and PC coming together.The reported project is called Project Helix, and it would involve big franchises like Halo making their way to PC in addition to the Xbox One console.

Five Anticlimactic Endings to Our Favorite Characters’ Lives

Here are five anticlimactic ways these otherwise impressive characters can die.When these ancillary obstacles turn deadly, it can seem frustratingly unrelated to your characters' stories.

Halo 5 Hog Wild REQ Drop DLC Released

Released today, May 31, 2016, the "Hog Wild REQ Drop" DLC for Halo 5 Guardians features variants of the classic, iconic Warthog vehicle.The legendary Warthog REQ, the "Vespin Rocket Warthog" has faster reload times with accelerated rocket firing speeds.

Xbox One Stagnates While PS4 Dominates

After getting a jump on Microsoft's Xbox One, the PS4 never looked back and barely slowed down.Now, the PS4 is in the driver's seat with the Xbox One lagging behind in exclusives and overall players.

Xbox One Stagnates While PS4 Dominates: Can the Tables Turn?

After getting a jump on Microsoft's Xbox One, the PS4 never looked back and barely slowed down.Meanwhile, top Xbox One exclusives like Forza, Halo 5 and Gears of War have barely cleared 1 million each.

Halo 5: Pro-League and Podcast announcements

For those who aren't aware of what's going on in the Halo scene, it may be wise to catch up on the various updates before E3.The updates we're talking about concern the HCS Halo Invitational, Warzone Firefight skin-packs, and HCS podcasts!

What Kind of Game Did We Wake up to in Halo Wars 2?

Today, February 18, 2017, our long-lost, beloved crew of the 'Spirit of Fire' in Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition will be awoken early to those who pre-ordered a copy, while the standard edition will arise on the 21st.He said it helped him become immersed into it, to understand the beauty of the echoes of war.

More Than Just Players: These Unsung Heroes of eSports Deserve Love, Too

Just because they're not sitting in those fancy ergonomic chairs behind the screens, doesn't mean they don't deserve any of the glory too.) an eSports event.

ESL Announces Halo Pro League Return this Summer 2017

The announcement from ESL also revealed the lineup of teams for the North American Pro League: In a surprising turn of events, the eighth seeded team, Allegiance, disbanded and lost their spot this season.In the wake of these events, the final team set to compete this season will be decided at the NA Last Chance Qualifier.

State of the Xbox One

This leads us to the current generation: the PlayStation 4 against the Xbox One.The Xbox One exclusives include games like like Halo 5, Gears of War 4, Sunset Overdrive, Forza, but not much else.