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Overwatch Uprising Event: Insurrection Brawl PvE Mode Guide

Many consider Insurrection to be the definitive PvE experience in Overwatch’s Uprising event.It takes four team members and puts them in the redesigned King’s Row location to fight a horde of evil omnic robots that belong to the Null Sector organization.

Skyforge (PS4)- How to Invite Players to a Party

If you press up on the D-Pad you'll see that two new options have been unlocked on the menu: invite to group and invite to pantheon.Make sure to get your party together prior to choosing an area to explore, the friends in your party will then be invited to whichever area you choose to go.

How to Run Yooka-Laylee in Exclusive Mode and Why You Should

Today I'll be breaking down what Exclusive Mode exactly is, the technical aspects of it, and most importantly the benefits it offers if you decide to run Yooka-Laylee in it.When you start up Yooka-Laylee you'll be presented with two options, the option just to play regularly or in Exclusive Mode.

The True Meaning of Kakushinhan and How to Answer Correctly in Persona 5

When you aren't stylishly ripping enemies to pieces in Persona 5, you're attempting to ace the tests at school.However there is one particular question that has people puzzled that uses the Japanese term "Kakushinhan".

Yooka-Laylee: All the Right Answers to Dr. Quack's Quiz Time

His multiple-choice Quickfire Quiz is meant to stop Yooka and Laylee from progressing.The player starts with three lives, and must get a total of 10 questions correct.

Understanding and Implementing Alm's Windsweep in Fire Emblem Heroes

Since it is one of the more complex skills in Fire Emblem Heroes let’s go over what exactly it does first.While Windsweep does leave Alm vulnerable to magic damage, tome users, staff users, and dragons are not a real threat when Alm is on offense.

Persona 5 Guide: How to Capture the Koh-i-Noor Treasure Demon

The level 25 Priestess Koh-i-Noor Persona (a reference to the colorless diamond discovered in India) is one such entity that has had players baffled on how to capture it.But with a bit of foresight, luck, and some help from this guide, this elusive demon can be yours.

How to Find and Use the Boarding Pass to Access the Fitting Room in Persona 5

In the seventh dungeon of Persona 5, which takes place on Shido's Cruiser, players are tasked with sneaking into a fitting room.But they need a boarding pass to access the room -- lest they find another route.

Full Of Stars: Code to Unlock the Vault in Quantum Comms Station

Full of Stars is a free-to-play action game that launched in the iOS store on April 11.But some players have reported getting stuck at the Quantum Comms Station.

Tips and Tricks for Catching Orlov in Persona 5

Most Persona 5 fans know how difficult it is to capture treasure Personas.It may take couple of tries and a lot of patience, but with these tips, you will be able to locate and capture Orlov with guarantee!

How Fuse Powerful Personas in Persona 5

In Persona 5, Persona fusions are essential into gaining more power in order to fight against shadows and to steal treasure from corrupted humans.But with this guide, you will become fusion experts by going through the basics on Persona fusions as well as knowing how to use Persona calculators and Confidants.

Where to Find Liquid Mercury in Persona 5 and Why You Need It

Persona 5 has a great deal of crafting items that you'll find during your adventure of freeing peoples hearts.You should be able to find plenty of different personas such as Anubis and Anzu in these locations that will provide Liquid Mercury once you've beaten them.


If you play PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS regularly, then you may want to consider installing the new test server that has been dispatched to Steam only a couple of days ago.First, you must have PUBG in you Steam Library, and the test server should appear right below the original game in the list automatically.

Yooka-Laylee Tonic Guide

Yooka-Laylee, an old-school platformer in the vein of Banjo Kazooie, is a blast to play, for sure.Vendi, an anthropomorphic vending machine, can be found in every world and offers these special Tonics, but at a price.

Puyo Puyo Tetris Guide: Cheats and Unlockables

As with most party games with playable characters, Puyo Puyo Tetris has its fair share of unlockables.If done correctly, a sound should play.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0: Hanamura Map Guide

0, Blizzard has introduced a new map that was adapted from Overwatch -- Hanamura.This guide will help you take advantage of the most important strategic points of the map, and choose the best heroes for effective assaults.

The Definitive Fire Emblem Heroes Non-Inheritance Tier List

Give people a large cast of characters, like Fire Emblem Heroes does, and its a ripe breeding ground for opinions.So for the love of lists and Fire Emblem characters throughout the ages, I present to you GameSkinny's very own tier list.

How to Beat (and Earn) Female Robin in Fire Emblem: Heroes Using F2P Units

The male Robin is a blue mage that can be obtained through the usual summoning process.This will leave her neutral against the attacking blue mage and at advantage against the attacking red mage.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide: Main Character Classes and How to Change Them

The main characters of Dragon Quest Heroes 2, Lazarel and Teresa, are able to freely swap between five different classes, though you wouldn't know it from the basic character creation.Before you dive right into the class of your dreams, however, there are a couple of things you should know first.

How to Beat (and Earn) Navarre In Fire Emblem: Heroes Using F2P Units

Fire Emblem Heroes has had events called Grand Hero Battles every few weeks since its release.Moreover, unlike other recent Grand Hero Battle units -- Robin and Zephiel -- Navarre was neither a primary protagonist or antagonist in his game.