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GameStop Announced Launching GameTrust, an Indie Game Publisher

This entry into game publishing is the latest expansion beyond the sale of games for GameStop.If you go back and look at the top indie games from the last few years, there are some $10 million, $20 million, and $30 million titles out there.

New game by Ready at Dawn to be announced next week

From the team that brought you The Order: 1886 comes a new game--more details next week!Developer team Ready at Dawn plans to show a new game next week -- on that will be distributed by Gamestop's freshly created publishing arm, GameTrust.

Ready at Dawn reveals their new multiplatform title, De-formers

The title will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.In a recent interview, studio founder Ru Weerasuriya shared some details regarding the game and their new developmental focus.

Has-Been Heroes Review

The story of Has-Been Heroes has every mark of a parody you could think of.Furthermore, players should come into this title with some masochistic intent since -- as stated earlier -- a core game mechanic in Has-Been Heroes is dying.