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Conan And Game Of Thrones Stars Lena Headey And Peter Dinklage Are Terrible At Overwatch

Conan O'Brien has made a serious splash online with his hilarious "Clueless Gamer" segments where he is normally navigated through a video game by his assistant.Conan's terrible playing and his assistant's patient guidance make for a hilarious time of failure and frustration.

Game Of Throne's Kristian Nairn Will Be Hearing This Prank Forever

TURN BACK NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED LAST WEEK'S EPISODE OF GAME OF THRONES!Ok, is it just those of us who have been Beyond The Wall now?

CS:GO Streamer Gets Kicked Thanks To Windows 10

We've all done it before.Then a week later, while we're reading an article on how to make distressed-looking upcycled furniture, Windows asks, "Hey!

Honest Trailer For Overwatch Gets Everything Exactly Right

Before it was even released, Overwatch was an absolute juggernaut of a title, thanks to the body of work Blizzard has created over the years.most of which is World of Warcraft- or Starcraft-related, e.

Fallout 4's Codsworth Has An Entire List Of Dirty Names He Can Say

One thing Bethesda games have to their credit is the level of immersion available to the player.All these elements help players become totally engrossed in their game.

Fallout 4 Mods Are Live On Xbox--Here Are The Ones You Should Try

Mods make every game great.Whether it's by adding lightsabers "lazer swords" or by turning the baddest, meanest enemies of the game into the baddest, meanest wrestler of all time, brother, mods add a level of flavor, immersion or fun to the vanilla game you couldn't find otherwise.

Surgeon Simulator Lets You Operate On Donald Trump

Since his wacky, vitriolic, and confounding run for President of the United States began, Donald Trump has become even more a part of the world's pop culture and cult of personality because of his baffling rhetoric and crazed antics rather than any of his gold-plated, name-bearing buildings or "world famous" golf courses.Whether you like him or not, everyone is talking about Trump and everyone wants to get inside his head.

Dunkey Spoofs His Own YouTube Career With YouTuber Simulator

Videogamedunkey, known for his unique voice and erratically hilarious commentary, and the absurdist way he plays and reviews video games, tackles a novelty sim-game called YouTuber Simulator in a scathing and ridiculously meta fashion.The game puts you in the shoes of an aspiring YouTube star, stuck your parents house, itching to break big and become Internet famous.

Quotes & One-Liners That Will (Definitely) Put A Smirk On Your Face

It's an immersive medium and before long, you're emotionally invested.Dialogue is such an important part of said immersion and (again just like movies) video games have fired off some awesome and memorable one-liners/quotes.

3 Hilarious Indie Games That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

There have been a number of standout titles that have justifiably succeeded because of their comedy, not despite it.Part exploration game, part avant-garde take on the spy genre, it refuses to take itself seriously for even a moment.

The Eight Best April Fool's Pranks that Tricked Gamers Everywhere

This is our list of all the great pranks that make us anticipate this time of year for the gaming industry's fun.When the fake ridesharing app ad debuted, it was instantly seen as a prank for the day, but even garnered its' own website.

5 Most Hilarious Indie Horror Games

In this list, we will be taking a lot at horror games that provide less of a scare, and more of a laugh, through a variety of reasons.While not exactly horror game in the normal sense, Zombie Society takes a fundamental aspect of the genre and transforms it into something different.

Remove Airline Passenger Is the Perfect Mix of Fun Gameplay and Serious Social Commentary

Notably the game's name is incorrectly spelt on the main menu.Which is odd considering the flight is seemingly already in-flight judging by the clouds in the background, but who are you to question Divided Airlines?