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How to survive Dark Souls 3 [Beginner's Guide]

You'll need every advantage you can get if you hope to survive Dark Souls 3.This Dark Souls 3 beginner's guide has all the tips and tricks a budding Unkindled needs to know to survive in the coming apocalypse without spoiling all the fun.

How to find a strong weapon early in Dark Souls III

In Dark Souls III, the deep battle axe is one of the better weapons you can obtain early on.You can actually find a weapon early on that will help you destroy the second boss of the game.

How to defeat the Abyss Watchers boss in Dark Souls III

This guide will teach even the most novice of Souls players how to take down the Abyss Watchers.However, after a few slashes to the Abyss Watchers’ health bar, you will be greeted by an unpleasant surprise.

Dark Souls 3 is the fastest-selling Bandai Namco game ever

Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed that Dark Souls 3 is the fastest day-one seller in the franchise so far -- and the fastest-selling title ever by the publisher.51% of the game's initial shipment sold for PlayStation 4.

How to find the Dark Sword in Dark Souls 3

The Dark Sword is easily one of the best weapons in Dark Souls III and is well worth the trouble to find it.The weapon is named the Dark Sword and it can only be looted off of Dark Wraith knights after you have killed them.

Fan art pieces that prove Dark Souls has one of the best gaming communities

From animated videos to some pretty impressive artwork, here's some examples that prove the Dark Souls community is one of the greatest in the history of gaming.YouTuber Jameserton leads the pack with one of my favorite Dark Souls fan pieces in the history of ever.

Dark Souls 3: Weapon Scaling Guide

Been playing Dark Souls 3 a while and still scratching your head attempting to understand weapon scaling?To begin with, let's go over some simple things first, such as what weapon scaling is.

Dark Souls' Final DLC will Bring an End to an Era

For years, the Dark Souls franchise has been a punishing trial for sadistic gamers across the globe.Now, with the release of a second Dark Souls 3 DLC, titled The Ringed City, the Souls series will finally bring a close to an age of fire.