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Legion Alpha: Pet Journal Cap Increased, New Pet, and More

A new Alpha build was released — highlights include an increase to the number of allowed pets in your Pet Journal, a new pet, new model, and more!The Pet Journal entry on Alpha has identical information as the and , but the sting ray will likely be from Legion content.

Happiest Holiday Wishes from !

Best holiday wishes from at WarcraftPets!Have a wonderful and safe holiday and a fun-filled Feast of Winter Veil!

Legion Alpha: 67 New Pets, Updated Models, and 9 New Tamers

They have three new pets waiting to be adopted, one being a.Enchanters will be in high demand as they'll be able to craft three new pets.

Overwatch has its sights set on e-sports, but it’s too much fun for that

A few months ago, Blizzard launched a closed beta for its upcoming shooter Overwatch—and I've been engrossed in the PC version ever since.With Overwatch, it has its sights set not just on creating the most popular online shooter, but one that can take on MOBAs on their home turf: the e-sports arena.

The next big thing in space may be really, REALLY small satellites

These small research payloads have helped spur the development of a small satellite launch industry, and using the International Space Station to deploy them has become one of the national lab's hottest commercial activities.However, the evolution of satellites downward from thousands of kilograms, down to a single kilogram, does not seem to be stopping.

No more two-lane highway headaches? Europe demos semi-autonomous truck platoon

But it's not just passenger vehicles that are going to go hands-free—the implications for road haulage and the freight sector are going to be massive.Over in Europe, a demonstration of semi-autonomous trucking called the European Truck Platooning Challenge wrapped up successfully on Wednesday.

The good, the bad and the ugly of the past week - 8 April 2016

Even so, it’s been slow going, and Geoff has already fired me twice today as a result.This past weekend, gamers descended upon the Mall of the South to take part in Gamer’s Fest.

New Game of Thrones clip focuses on Jon Snow and Davos' sword

A new clip from Game of Thrones' sixth season premiere is here and centers entirely on a fan favorite.The scene in question does contain spoilers for those that haven't seen the fifth season.

New technique for pirating from 3D printers is the next frontier in theft

Let's say the manufacturer up the street is making widgets with a 3D printer and you'd like to get in on that action.If you want to clone those coveted 3D objects, all you need is an audio recorder in the room with the printer.

PlayStation VR's launch lineup is shaping up nicely

I played a level from Battlezone's single-player campaign, strapping into a medium tank and heading out into a futuristic urban setting.— Samit Playing DriveClub in VR made me never want to try another racing game with a VR headset.

Watch over an hour of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness in English

We're still a few months out from the summer North American release of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, the fifth entry in Square Enix's sci-fi role-playing series.But this week we were able to go hands-on with a completed English build of the upcoming game.

BioWare Founder Not A Fan Of Potential PS4.5 Or Xbox Next Consoles

There have been rumors that both Sony and Microsoft are set to release upgraded hardware versions of the existing PS4 and Xbox One consoles.Gamespot had a chance to interview BioWare co-founder, Greg Zeschuk, and he says he’s not a big fan of consoles being upgraded in the middle of a generation.

From MUD to MMOG: The making of RuneScape

To mark the notable birthday, RuneScape's developers have made a documentary film for the occasion, the rather plainly titled, RuneScape - 15 Years of Adventure.By comparison RuneScape's rival, World of Warcraft, accounted for 62 percent of the global subscription-based video game market in 2008.