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PlayStation 4 System Update 3.50 Is More Than Meets The Eye With Hidden Features

This included a number of features that PS4 owners have been asking for, including the ability to appear offline, but there are some unannounced features that have been discovered as well.As compiled by Engadget through various posts on Reddit, it has been revealed that PlayStation 4 system update 3.

ESO Dark Brotherhood DLC adds personalities feature

In Dark Brotherhood, you will get your first personality of Assassin, by visiting the Gold Coast.ESO stated in their announcement, that personalities will change the way your character stands, walks, and handles emotes.

The Culling patch brings new Showdown feature

The Culling has a new feature called Showdown that will hinder teams in Free for All game play.The Culling has a new feature called Showdown that's going to be implemented soon.

GoG Galaxy Unveils Major Client Update; Beta to End in April

With the end of beta comes several features to further position Galaxy as a viable competitor to Steam -- the most anticipated of which is the Universal Cloud Save.Gamers will now be able to sync and back up their files to the Galaxy cloud, and not just for the latest games.

Injustice 2 Live Stream Coverage -- New Features and Characters for the DC Fighter

Unlike Injustice: God Among Us, Injustice 2 will include an upgrading system that will increase specific characters' stats and additional unlockable moves.Including these new features, this DC All Access event shared new updates and big reveals for Injustice 2.