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Emerging game video sharing platform reached 10 million active users

With the rising of popularity of gaming videos, the streaming industry is growing too.Besides Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and FACEIT, there's another game video sharing platform that's thriving on this trend.

Conquer settlements from your phone with Lords Online

You can team up with friends, join guilds and conquer all or do it by yourself.There is so much to discover in Lords Online especially while playing with your friends.

Trouble for Twitch? New Facebook and Blizzard Live streaming Deal may compete

On June 6, 2016, Blizzard Entertainment announced that they will team up with Facebook to integrate new features to allow players to connect and share gaming experiences with friends.Could this move possibly be a threat to the well-known streaming service of Twitch?

You Can Now Stream Blizzard Games on Facebook

The update allows all players to stream live gameplay directly to their Facebook pages.The update was originally meant to go online in July, but had some minor technical setbacks that led to delaying the update's functionality to this week.