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Tree of Savior - Beginner's tips and advice for new players

Tree of Savior is confusing for grinder MMORPG veterans and inexperienced newcomers alike, albeit in different ways.The game is far different from most other MMOs on the market right now and it does not do new players many favors in terms of advice.

Pathfinder Adventures: Fun fantasy adventure made unplayable by game breaking bugs

I regularly enjoy pen and paper Pathfinder, and I still play the Pathfinder Adventures card game regularly with my gaming group.For those willing to give it a try anyway, you can grab Obsidian's rendition of the Pathfinder Adventure card game right here.

StarBreak beginner's tips and tricks

This may be an MMORPG, but StarBreak is a whole other ballpark from staples like World Of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2.Despite having multiple classes, a leveling system, randomized loot drops, and so on, StarBreak's base gameplay is actually more along the lines of classic SNES platforming like Mega Man or Metroid.

Mortal Kombat X celebrates first anniversary on mobile devices with a massive content update

Interactive announced a content update is in order to celebrate.Yesterday was Mortal Kombat X's first anniversary on mobile devices, and Warner Bros.

Grand Gangsters 3D hints and tips

Did the PS2-era Grand Theft Auto missions just land on your tablet for free?If you want to give it a shot and enjoy a virtual city ripe for mayhem on your tablet, grab Grand Gangsters 3D here.

Dungeon Fighter Online's backbone lies in community management

In May 2014, 11 months after Dungeon Fighter Online closed, Neople announced it was going into alpha under their oversight.From the very start Neople was very up front about their expectations for Dungeon Fighter Online Global, the game's new iteration: they weren't confident it would survive.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the Best F2P Mobile Final Fantasy Game

Even a few Final Fantasy mobile games have been guilty of it.But Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is different.