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New Battlerite Champion and eSports Event Announced

Set to be released on February 15, this new champion's name is Raigon.The event has a total prize pool of $10,000 and will be running simultaneously in Europe and North America.

First 24-Hour Channel Dedicated to eSports Coming Soon

Today it was announced that the first 24 hour channel featuring eSports will launch in Canada.The deal was formed between Canadian broadcaster Super Channel and GINX eSports TV.

Is Splatoon 2 Nintendo's Full Court Press For eSports?

With the pending arrival of Splatoon 2 this summer, Nintendo has released some new details regarding the title -- and they suggest that the game will be very viable for eSports."LAN Play" will allow connections between up to eight docked systems using a wired LAN setup.

Melee Pro Hungrybox Talks About the Game's History, Future, and Going eSports Full-Time

HungryBox (HB): I think Melee’s history is going to determine its future.So now, we started discovering new things, new aspects of the game that people didn’t know existed.

ESL Halo World Championship Pro League Series Starts Today

After an intense series of qualifiers all over the world, the top 12 Halo teams in the world will meet in Burbank, California at the ESL campus to fight for undisputed Halo supremacy.The final lineup for the ESL Halo World Championship Pro League Series is as follows: Obviously, OpTic Gaming has been looking sharp throughout the qualifiers, after finishing in first at the Las Vegas Qualifiers and is favored by many to place high.

StarCraft: Remaster Announced -- Everything We Know So Far

After almost 19 years Blizzard has announced it will be re-releasing the original StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War in the form of an HD remake known as StarCraft: Remastered -- and it will be releasing this summer.On top of that, a “Classic Campaign” mode will make an appearance, while the game will have 13 supported languages, LAN & modern online play, revamped and improved dialogue and soundtrack, and revamped briefings.

Original StarCraft Going Free, StarCraft: Remaster Announced

After almost 19 years Blizzard has announced it will be re-releasing the original StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War in the form of an HD remake known as StarCraft: Remastered -- and it will be releasing this summer as an optional addition to the original version of the game going free later this week.The game will be releasing for both Windows PC and Mac.

StarCraft: Remastered Will Try (and Succeed) at Bringing Brood War Back

All four are back on the Brood War circuit.Even better things are in store for Brood War this summer.

OpTic Gaming Wins $1,000,000 and Undisputed Halo Supremacy After the World Championship Finals 2017

All around the world, Halo teams fought through the qualifiers for a chance to be part of the ESL Halo World Championship 2017 Finals.In the first day of competition at Finals, teams fought for seeding points heading into the double elimination bracket.

StarCraft: Brood War 1.18 Delayed, But You Can Play on the PTR Right Now

Officially postponed as Blizzard irons out issues with the game's first actual update in eight years, you don't have to wait for the free Brood War update.Yes, it is possible to download the patch and give it a whirl on the Public Test Realm (PTR) right now.

More Than Just Players: These Unsung Heroes of eSports Deserve Love, Too

Just because they're not sitting in those fancy ergonomic chairs behind the screens, doesn't mean they don't deserve any of the glory too.) an eSports event.

Georgia Becomes First To Offer Competitive Video Game Internships and Scholarships

The Georgia Game Developers Association has just announced that it will be creating the first statewide general eSports league.For the GGDA, this new league is one of many programs that the non-profit uses to support and educate its members.

ESL Announces Halo Pro League Return this Summer 2017

The announcement from ESL also revealed the lineup of teams for the North American Pro League: In a surprising turn of events, the eighth seeded team, Allegiance, disbanded and lost their spot this season.In the wake of these events, the final team set to compete this season will be decided at the NA Last Chance Qualifier.

Final Settings for Halo Summer 2017 Pro League Announced

We're less than two weeks away from Halo Championship Series Daytona on May 12-14, and HCS has officially released the final settings for the Summer 2017 Championship.After a heated battle at Worlds back in March, many Halo eSports fans are excited to see what this season holds.

Nintendo Launches New Competitive Gaming Twitter Account

The page's focus is on competitive gaming for Nintendo games.One would hope this means that Nintendo will continue to support and host competitive events for their games into the future.

How Crazy Is It That They'll Be Airing Pro Rocket League on NBC Sports?

While there were a variety of console eSports, it wasn't until PCs started having increased internet connectivity that multiplayer games took off.Eventually, Starcraft took hold in South Korea at which point it quickly became the most popular game at PC Bangs.

A Complete Guide to DreamHack Atlanta: Events, Schedules & Where to Watch

You'll be able to watch this tournament on the CS:GO DreamHack Twitch channel.The match schedule is as follows:    You'll be able to watch this tournament on the official DreamHack Hearthstone Twitch channel.

First PUBG Invitational Announced

is inviting 80 of the top PUBG players from around the world to compete in the first Gamescom PUBG Invitational.Select attendees will be able to enter the tournament on the spot, meet the PUBG developers, and play the game's latest build.

How to Get Into Professional CS:GO

And in this article, I'll outline what you can do to come closer to making this dream a reality.Because CS:GO is my wheelhouse, all the advice below will be pointed towards becoming a professional CS:GO player.

Hi-Rez Partners With WESA to Create New Paladins Pro League

Today, it was announced that WESA (World eSport Association) and Hi-Rez Studios will launch a new Paladins Premier League.The current roster of teams for this new league includes: It's also worth nothing that non-WESA teams can join in the future as the league grows.