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How to be a great Democracy 3 African president

This guide is written by African presidents in Democracy 3 with numerous of death threats and assassination experiences who were trying to make their country great again.Democracy 3: Africa was released recently by Positech.

Presidential Blitz turns 2016 election into retro game

If the 2016 US election has you filled you with uncertainty about the state of the free world, try taking a fresh perspective with an election-inspired indie game.Preisdential Blitz, a free game, tries to make the the election season a bit more bearable by transforming it into a nostalgic desktop game with characters Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

New Democracy 3 DLC, Electioneering, Announced

You've proven that you can run a country, now try and get yourself elected for another term.Today the creators of Democracy 3, Positech Games, announced a new DLC heading our way.