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Battleborn Releases New Hero In Early Access

The newest Battleborn hero, Ernest, is currently available for early access for those that own the Season Pass or purchased the Digital Deluxe edition.Everyone else will be able to unlock Ernest when he becomes available on September 1 for 47,500 in-game credits.

Minion Masters Early Access -- Pick Up and Play PvP at Its Finest

But somehow BetaDwarf's Early Access Minion Masters has wriggled its way into my assortment of go-to games -- and I'm certainly not complaining.With the above in mind, somehow I have put over 26 hours into Minion Masters over the past five or six days.

Conan Exiles First Impressions: Between Barbarianism and Civilisation

The world of Conan Exiles is a deserted plane called Exiled Lands, which has occasional oasis and towns scattered about.Building, by the way, is a huge part of Conan Exiles.

Pit People Is Set to Dominate The Behemoth's Other Games in Popularity

The upcoming game of the studio is Pit People, which has been available in Steam Early Access since January 13.The reasons for this assertion are plenty, so let's take a look at how Pit People compares to the the other games developed by The Behemoth.

Rimworld Alpha 17 Being Worked On

Popular early-access game RimWorld is geared to receive its next update, Alpha 17, soon.RimWorld’s previous update, Wanderlust, added a myriad of features and bug fixes that were met with overwhelmingly positive reception.

Shiro Games Releases New Strategy RTS Northgard on Steam Early Access

Bordeaux, France-based Shiro Games has announced the release of its newest strategy RTS, Northgard, on Steam Early Access.Nicolas Cannasse, Shiro Games’ co-founder, is excited to not only bring the team’s vision to Steam Early Access, but to also get the community’s feedback and advice on how Northgard currently plays – and how Shiro can improve it moving forward.

The Other 99 Gets Massive Updates

The Other 99, brought to you by developer Burning Arrow, released a massive update today.The combat system has been reworked.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf Early Access Preview

That's exactly what's happening with Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf, from developer Herocraft on Steam Early Access -- and it's worth noting they're already doing a great job.Not so much with more hardcore games, though -- and Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf definitely leans more toward that category.

Northgard Tops the Steam Top Sellers Chart for Indie Games

This past week has seen a number of new games hit the market -- indie and AAA titles alike.But one indie title managed to claw its way into the top 10 list and become the top selling indie game this week: Northgard.

Two Viking Factions We Want to Round Out Northgard's Clan Choices

But, as you might notice in the picture, there are two factions not released yet.So, if I were the developer, what two other factions would I add to Northgard first?

Pixel Piracy Review - Land ahoy! Land ahoy! Land ahoy!

What I am mainly referring to is hinted at in this review’s title -- the speech mechanics of the pirates.The captain yelled, “Land ahoy!

Rend Sets Bold Vision to Redefine Survival RPGs

Wrapped up in a related ball is a system of skills and talents allowing for customization and specialization both for personal enjoyment and for your faction's success.In many survival games your base is always vulnerable.

Slime Rancher - Get Jiggy With It!

Try looking up videos on Slime Rancher sometime you will find yourself smiling so much that you'll be afraid you'll get a cramp in your smile bones (that's totally a thing, shush).Once you start up Slime Rancher you'll immediately notice the crisp, refreshing cartoon-y graphics.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Completely Outclasses H1Z1’s Battle Royale

The mastermind behind the “Battle Royale” genre as a whole, Brendan Greene, the Creative Director of Bluehole inc.Back to H1Z1, The Battle Royale mode is just one part of the entire King of the Hill package.


In PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS every match involves 100 people fighting for survival until only one of them is left alive.Some players say that you just need to practice a lot, and then you will have a better chance.

Earthfall On Steam - Aliens Feature in This Left 4 Dead Style Video Game

As mentioned before, the game introduces a fallen Earth, where humanity becomes the endangered species against the aliens.Like the Left 4 Dead series, the game functions as casual first person shooter.

From Guns to Gravity Wells, Golf For Workgroups is a Zany Take on Hitting the Links

Many of the levels also prominently feature large statues of robots as well.Some of the levels also feature unique quirks, such as the gravity wells, as mentioned in the title.