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Loot tables for Overwatch have been cracked

Want to know what your chance at a Legendary drop is?From watching over 1,000 loot box openings from Overwatch players on YouTube, Reddit user Ourobouros was able to create a listing of the loot drop percentages in the game.

Overwatch's Loot Drop Rate Explained

If you play a lot of Overwatch, as more than seven million people do, chances are you've opened your share of loot boxes.Due to random chance, a loot box can have awesome rare skins and animations, or just some voice lines and sprays.

Fixing Drop Rates in For Honor is Just a Band-Aid That Won't Stop It from Bleeding Out

For Honor is fighting an uphill battle and still very much struggling to remain relevant to its own player base.In that time the developer had attempted to appease the playerbase by attempting to fix drop rates within the game itself in the latest patch.