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DOOM open beta revealed, DLC plans detailed

And this time, you won’t have to do anything to get in – with the last beta for DOOM being completely open.From the 15-17th of  April, anyone on PS4, Xbox One and PC will be able to download the DOOM beta client and hop in for a weekend of frantic, bloody multiplayer.

John Romero teases fans with a new DOOM map...but is it enough?

It seems that Romero's plan to get fans excited for his upcoming game is indeed working.The new DOOM levels are certainly bringing people towards his social networks, where announcements for BLACKROOM can be found.

Fans send mixed signals about DOOM beta

It's a little hard to gauge the potential success of Doom off of the beta and the feedback received from players.A few said it reminded them of Halo, Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament and it doesn’t feel like Doom.

DOOM is out Next Week - Blast Some Demon Skulls Soon

The engine it ran off, id Tech 1 (or the Doom game engine) was a revolution for games.It didn't do anything with the original game's formula, and had no massive improvements in many areas.

Why I Can't Wait For this Proper Return to Doom

That's the simple title to this new trailer Bethesda released as well as the philosophy behind every design choice and decision that's gone into crafting this new Doom.While I couldn't care less about the multiplayer aspect of the game, it's the single player campaign that's got me excited.

DOOM is out in the next 24 hours - We are all DOOMed tomorrow

With DOOM 2016 releasing worldwide tomorrow, who's ready to bash some hell spawn, other space marines, or simply blow everything up while circle strafing?The Hell Knights, Imps, Cyberdreams and many more enemies are more than happy to lay down their lives for you.

DOOM is Out Now - Take Out The Legions of Hell

Going back to its roots, DOOM will let you take on both old hell demons, as well as new ones.After having a troubled development, DOOM 4 was renamed to just DOOM and became a reboot of the DOOM series.

DOOM PC launch is plagued with issues

The PC version of DOOM is off to a bad start with players experiencing a large variety of issues.Having just released today, already the Steam forums are full of topics from players reporting issues that they are experiencing.

How The Original Doom Truly Came To Be

id software's massively popular FPS baby, Doom, came about through an perfect storm of technology, previously released game success and a love of science fiction and fantasy role playing.Despite not actually being the first FPS game around, Doom is definitely known as the true grandfather of the modern FPS genre.

How to fix the DOOM launch issue on PC

One of the many issues that PC gamers have been experiencing with DOOM is that it just doesn't launch.One of the most common problems that gamers are experiencing is that the game won't launch.

Doom's Honest Game Trailer Is Just Delightful

Their trailer for Doom isn't about the new release specifically so much as it's about the entire Doom series as a whole.Rightfully so, it focuses on the original two Doom entries since they represent so much of what made 90's shooters fun.

DOOM Review: Scuffing the luster of a franchise

In Synzer's review, he really punctuates on what it is about DOOM that gives us the classic take on first person shooters.I feel that while there is nostalgia to be reached, this is the game's biggest error.

More Shooters Should Be Like Doom

I had never played a Doom game until the newest entry in the franchise was released.I wasn't sure how I would feel about it though, because I had never played a Doom game until this point.

Someone Already Beat Doom's Ultra Nightmare Difficulty

The new Doom does a pretty decent job of bringing back some of the difficulty of 90's era games.However, it's the Ultra Nightmare mode that id Software kept flaunting as their end all be all difficulty.

The Drone Carry Glitch in Doom

Youtuber Captain Motorcycle captured footage of a weird glitch that occurred while playing through the Lazarus levels of the newly released game.These small drones carry modules you need to unlock weapon upgrades so they're highly sought after.

Modders Are Already Putting New Doom in Old Doom

Brutal Doom and various other mods are already fantastic!Now we're getting mods for Doom 1 and 2 that add many of the new weapons, features and enemies in sprite form into the original Doom engines.

Doom 2 in Unreal Engine 4 is Crazy Go Nuts

It's a total overhaul and remake of Doom 2 in Unreal Engine 4.It's not an attempt to make a brand new Doom experience with the flashy tech.

DOOM Soundtrack Has Hidden Satanic Easter Egg

After the incredible utter failure of long awaited fourth installments like Duke Nukem Forever, a lot of fans were pretty skeptical when they heard that DOOM was getting a reboot in 2016.Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the final product wasn't just functional, it was awesome!