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5 Best Moments From the Uncharted Series

Naughty Dog's Uncharted series has been a phenomenon for 10 years now, making Nathan Drake one of the most memorable characters in the gaming industry.Each of the four games offers a lot of memorable moments, but these five moments will stay with fans forever.

Persona 5 DLC Schedule Updated with Prices and Release Dates

The website for the long-anticipated JRPG, Persona 5, has been updated with a list of all free and paid DLC items that will come with the game following its release next week.Here's all the DLC you can expect for Persona 5, organized by release date.

Shovel Knight's Finally Getting the Spectre Knight Update

Beloved 16 bit platformer, Shovel Knight, will finally be getting its Specter of Torment update on PC on April 5th, with the update coming to other consoles at an undetermined time later this month.The expansion will also cover the origin of Specter Knight and how he came into that position.

Persona 5's Hardest Difficulty is Locked...Behind Free DLC!

Now with the new free DLC that released alongside the worldwide launch, they've added the hardest difficulty mode in the game, free of cost.Known as “Merciless”, the description for the pack on the PlayStation Store reads: How hard is Merciless mode?

Season Passes Like Destiny 2's Won't Go Anywhere Until You Stop Buying In

The game's plans for DLC were ambiguous, but a Season Pass had been announced nonetheless.These experiences were my master course in shady DLC practices.

Was The Ringed City DLC a Good Way to Wrap Up Dark Souls?

From humble beginnings in Demon’s Souls, it eventually transitioned to Dark Souls 3, the final game of the saga.The game's Ringed City DLC was the final piece of content for not only that game, but the entire Souls franchise.

Use These Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Level Calculators to Plan Your Update Loot Boxes

In a recent update on their blog, Blizzard announced Heroes of the Storm will have a new player progression system after their big 2.Whenever you gain a new Hero level, your overall Player Level will increase as well.

NieR: Automata To Receive New Costumes and Colosseum Challenges

It will include extra striking costumes, brand new challenges in the Colosseum, bosses, and mor.The tongue twister that is "3C3C1D119440927" will be taking costumes from the Japanese release, NieR: Replicant, and giving players across the pond the chance to try them out for themselves.

How Much is the Nier Automata DLC and When Does It Release?

The new costumes pay fan service to 2010’s NieR by giving the protagonist 2B access to an outfit that resembles that of Kaine from the original Nier.Other costumes include take on Younger Nier from NieR: Replicant on the adolescent 9S, and the more commonly recognized Adult Nier from NieR: Gestalt, and similar to the contrast of Kaine’s look on 2B, the costumes give the cast a more sultry, revealing look to them than their original incarnations.

Nioh DLC, Dragon of the North, Launches Next Week

Just when you thought that peace is finally restored in Japan through your brave efforts in completing the original campaign.we now begin to hear troubling rumours that the One-Eyed Dragon is secretly gathering spirit stones, setting a stage for more unrest and mayhem to take hold.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia DLC Details Revealed...And It's Costly

We’re only weeks away from the May 19th release of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia -- a new sequel to the series that will be a bit of a departure from a lot of the conventions that are notable trademarks of Fire Emblem gameplay.In an odd deviation from the company’s usual outline for DLC, all the expanded content will cost more than the price of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia itself.

How Do I Start the Nier: Automata 3C3C1D119440927 DLC?

This first Nier: Automata DLC is actually (and absurdly) called 3C3C1D119440927.We're gonna go ahead and just refer to it as "the Nier Automata DLC" from here on out, because I'm not typing that string of ludicrous numbers and letters ever again.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Not Be Getting Any Single-Player DLC

To say Mass Effect: Andromeda has had issues is an understatement.They claimed to have been working on DLC for Andromeda, but that they were told to cease production on it.

Beholder: Blissful Sleep DLC Review - What's Your Life Worth?

These are the questions that I kept asking myself while playing Beholder's DLC, Blissful Sleep.At the very start of the game you are given an ultimatum: you are scheduled for the "blissful sleep".

Cities Skylines Deluxe vs. Normal Edition: Is the Upgrade Worth it?

Then I'm sure you have heard of Cities: Skylines from Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive.But is the Deluxe Edition worth it?