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Expect more gear sets in The Division after the latest patch drops

And just like one of the best Creed songs ever recorded, those numbers will be going even higher when the patch drops next week and introduces gear sets for marksman, assault and tank builds within The Division.“We’re going to keep adding them,” lead game designer Matthias Karlson said in a Division podcast about the new gear sets, via VG247.

Here's how The Division's next update is changing crafting and loot drops

1 earlier this week, a blog post clarifies how it will tweak the game's crafting system and item drops.One of the most notable changes is that killing any named non-playable character over level 30 guarantees players to a high-end item drop.

The Division was the most popular game on YouTube in March

As much as we like to poke fun at it, there’s no denying the power of YouTube.Naturally, new releases see peak streams on YouTube.

The Division Incursions Require 'the Right Strategy and Perfect Coordination'

We will release the first Incursion, Falcon Lost, which is challenging content for advanced groups.” Going into some more specifics about this first Incursion, named Falcon Lost, Mannerfelt explained “Incursions are an endgame PvE group activity.

Upcoming changes for Tom Clancy's The Division 1.1 Patch

The first major content update will be released for Ubisoft's, Tom Clancy's The Division, in the next few days!In this new patch they are including End-Game activities and character gear and gear sets with scores of 204 (level 32).

The Division: Update About Daily Hard And Challenging Missions

The Division Twitter page initially announced: “Daily Hard and Challenging missions did not reset correctly today.This means Daily Hard and Challenging missions won’t be available until Tuesday’s update patch comes around.