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Special Limited Time Sale: WoD Digital Deluxe Bonus Items

The Warlords of Draenor Digital Deluxe was removed without warning from the Blizzard store a few months ago, making the bonus items unavailable for those still looking to collect them.[] You can now purchase the WoD Digital Deluxe bonus items in a for $20 (USD).

Preservica | Preservica joins the Information Governance Initiative to support preservation of long-term digital records

The IGI is supported by a number of leading information governance providers, and aims to promote the adoption of information governance strategies in the protection of corporate data.As part of the collaboration, Preservica and the IGI have launched a Research Initiative on the Preservation of Long-Term Digital Records and Information.

Dimension Data | Organisations Are Shifting Their Cybersecurity Strategies From Reactive To Agile

That’s the word from Matthew Gyde, Dimension Data’s Group Executive – Security, who says organisations are no longer simply reacting to cyber threats, but instead creating agile, adaptive IT infrastructures - and even entire enterprises so that cyber breaches are addressed before they happen.“Perimeter-based cybersecurity today won’t be sufficient to carry organisations into the future.

Perfecto | Perfecto Expands Focus from Mobile to Digital with the Next Generation of its Continuous Quality Lab

With this expansion, users can apply a single quality strategy to deliver seamless responsive web and omni-channel experiences.Today’s end-users rely on digital transactions and in turn, expect flawless experiences across web and mobile.