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Destiny getting new PlayStation-exclusive gear with the game's April update

Bungie is giving Destiny players some new things to do and new loot to shoot for next week when the April update drops.But Destiny fans who have the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 version of the game will get some gear that's exclusive to those platforms, Sony revealed on the PlayStation Blog.

Everything You Need To Know About Destiny's Big April Update

The agonizing wait for new things to do in Bungie's shared-world shooter is almost over.While Destiny Update 2.

5 things in Destiny you HAVE to do (that you probably skipped)

As a casual Destiny player, there are some amazing things you should do to get way more out of your game.What we have compiled here are the top five things you really have to do in Destiny that neither the game nor the community remembers to emphasize.

He's Building ALL of Destiny in Minecraft. ALL OF IT!

One Minecraft master has created what may be the most unbelievable goals ever, he wants to recreate all of Destiny.All.

The Infamous Thorn Returns in Destiny: Rise of Iron

The very mention of this weapon's name can spark rage.A large portion of the Destiny community still suffers from Thorn PTSD, myself included.

What Guardians Need in Destiny 2

Below are some of the features that should make it into Destiny 2.The trailer for Destiny 2 looks to be a very promising in the story department but what we really need is not just the promise of a fully cinematic story (as mentioned by Bungie during the reveal) but to actually deliver a large and expansive story that shadows all 3 years of Destiny 1's story.