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Neutered random number generator let man rig million dollar lotteries

Prosecutors said the man used his position as information security director of the Multi-State Lottery Association to access a room that housed the random number generator.Investigators were able to recreate the draws and produce "the very same 'winning numbers' from the program that was supposed to produce random numbers," Smith wrote.

In recent test, blockchain brings transparency to notorious credit default swaps

On Thursday, Wall Street’s bookkeeper announced that it had successfully tested blockchain technology to manage single-name credit-default swaps (CDS) among four big banks: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citi, Credit Suisse, and J.The concept of the blockchain ledger was developed and popularized by virtual currency Bitcoin, and on a blockchain ledger peer-to-peer transactions can be monitored by every entity that’s party to the ledger, theoretically resulting in more transparency.

ER docs get heart rate info from Fitbit, save patient’s life

Knowing this detail would determine how the doctors could treat the patient: If the arrhythmia was caused by the seizure, they could electrically cardiovert the patient to alleviate it.The doctors accessed the Fitbit app on his smartphone and found his average heart rate as recorded throughout the course of his fitness program.

New technique for pirating from 3D printers is the next frontier in theft

Let's say the manufacturer up the street is making widgets with a 3D printer and you'd like to get in on that action.If you want to clone those coveted 3D objects, all you need is an audio recorder in the room with the printer.