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Mobile game revenue will exceed PC and consoles for the first time this year

On April 21, digital gaming market research firm, Newzoo, published a new market research forecast on different gaming platforms' global market shares.The report states that mobile devices will be leading gaming platform in the coming years.

Springfree Trampoline will let you play games while you jump around

Playing video games is typically a long and sedentary activity with little physical exercise.But recently, New Zealand trampoline manufacturing company Springfree Trampoline, released a new gaming console called TGOMA (Take Gaming Outside and Make it Active).

New Nintendo handheld "MH" in development

While we have yet to hear anything new about the NX, we now have a codename for the next generation handheld, the "MH" Nintendo has held their cards pretty close to their chest lately when it comes to the next generation of consoles.There is new news on a Nintendo next-gen platform, however.

Will the NX bring new life to Nintendo's console sales?

Now Nintendo faces the same situation SEGA faced almost two decades ago with the Dreamcast as they get set to unveil the Nintendo NX later this year.The fact is: with the exception of the Wii, Nintendo has been selling less home consoles than competitors since the Super Nintendo.

7 Days to Die Comes to PS4 Soon

Disappointed that you can't play more games that feature both survival and crafting on your favorite console?In collaboration with Telltale Publishing and Iron Galaxy, 7 Days to Die dev The Fun Pimps is ready to bring the game to another system.

One Piece: Burning Blood is the First One Piece to Hit the Xbox

Get ready, folks—One Piece has (finally) come to the Xbox One.99 in a bundle format that includes the game, an exclusive costume for Luffy called the Platinum Luffy, and the One Piece Wanted Pack.

Hold Off On Buying A New Console Until After E3!

Do not buy a console until E3 has come and gone!As the summer time rolls around, an event that comes annually that all gamers know called E3 happens.

XSEED plans to publish three indie games to consoles

Earlier today, XSEED Games, the studio responsible for publishing games such as Legend of the Heroes series and Senran Kagura, revealed plans to publish three indie games to consoles.This particular game was brought to life on Kickstarter, and plans to continue the dancing genie's adventures.

Among the Sleep Becoming Available on Xbox One

Now Among the Sleep can be played on yet another console, certain to broaden its audience Norway-based Krillbite Studio has announced that Among the Sleep will finally be coming to Xbox One.The first-person indie horror game was originally only available on computer systems, and then came PlayStation 4 late last year -- making the Xbox One the latest addition to the list of consoles on which the game can be played.

6 Reasons Why Mobile Games Trump Console Games

­ Here then, are six reasons why mobile games trump console games.There’s no denying that the storylines in console games are epic, with many rivaling films for their depth and dimensions.

Amazing Poster Charts the Evolution of the Home Games Console

Being what some people might refer to as a 'gaming fanatic', I'm something of a sucker when it comes to gaming memorabilia, posters, artwork and basically anything else I can get my hands on.I'm particularly fond of posters and artwork (both official and unofficial), and the walls of both my house and office are littered with beautiful posters and prints that remind me of my gaming heritage.