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Heroes Assemble -- Injustice 2 CONFIRMED!

Everybody get ready to put your capes and supersuits on because Injustice 2 has been announced.To put an end to the rumors, Warner Brothers officially announced Injustice 2 with this trailer.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice Release Date Confirmed For This Year

The newest trailer for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice revealed the release date also shows off the abilities for all of the playable characters -- all of which are returning form previous games in the series and all of whom play differently in this regard.The Ace Attorney series is a long-running series of portable visual-novel adventure games centered around the lives of a small group of defense attorneys.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Sword in the Stone World Confirmed?

There are many Disney worlds that people would like to see make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3.As of now, the Disney worlds which are 100% confirmed to be in the game include a Tangled world, a Big Hero 6 world, and the return of Hercules' world as well.

Call of Duty: WWII Trailer Offers a Sneak Peek of Classic Warfare

After tons of rumors and some leaked artwork suggesting that the next Call of Duty game would be set in World War II, developer Sledgehammer Games has confirmed that speculation with an official trailer for the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII.Marketed as an authentic reimagining of World War II, this is the first Call of Duty game in a long time that won't be featuring futuristic warfare.

Beloved SMITE Player David "Allied" Hance Has Passed Away

After a brief stay in hospice following a years-long battle with gastro-esophageal cancer, SMITE pro player and popular streamer David "Allied" Hance passed away a few hours ago.David "Allied" Hance is no longer with us.