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Volunteer Needed: Help Cultivate ' Community

: As of January 18, 2016 we are no longer accepting applications for the Community Leader position.Following the , WarcraftPets' lovable Community Leader of 6+ years, we're seeking a new!

Goodbye Doobjanka... We'll Miss You

a Doobjanka), WarcraftPets' community leader for the past 6+ years.If you'd like to say your own goodbye to Doobjanka, feel free to do so in his , or leave a comment below.

2015 Community Meet-Up at BlizzCon!

Unfortunately, none of our Admins were able to attend BlizzCon this year.—  Friday, November 6 —  From 3 - 4:30 PM (Pacific Time) —  Darkmoon Faire Community Amphitheater (check the tables) Be sure to follow our and pages for updates and announcements as the event draws nearer!

Guild Guide: Pushing and pulling with leadership

If you're willing to stop listening to people at a certain magnitude, you're not doing the push and pull correctly.You're still assuming that you're right, that everyone else needs to be humored.

5 reasons why Twitch is awesome.

You can watch people play your favorite video games at the highest level, live, on Twitch.Here are five reasons why Twitch is awesome: Anyone can start streaming on Twitch.

Atlas Reactor Just Went F2P, But What Must It Do Better to Keep Our Attention?

Trion Worlds made a big decision with Season 2 of their turn-based strategy game Atlas Reactor.Each round is timed, so the player's decisions are fast paced, even with pretty in depth tactical options.