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How will Hearthstone's Whispers of the Old Gods Expansion change class balance?

Wondering whether or not your favorite deck will work once Whispers of the Old Gods drops?standard split, which means we're going to see a completely unprecedented shift in what decks are strong and which aren't. - Shoot, dodge, and farm your way to the top with these tips

Not only do you get stat points as you level but you also get to change classes as you progress, which is a far cry from the bare bones progression seen in the other two games.Not a ton aside from the classes, what the stats do, and general strategic tips to stay alive. guide - Pew pew your way to the top with these tips

io is ever-growing and more people are playing than ever now that the game has a few new classes--with the new Necromancer class being released just today.Not a ton aside from the classes, what the stats do, and general strategic tips to stay alive.

The Main Problem with Weapons in First Person Shooters

Let’s pick on Battlefield 1 a little more as it’s one of the newest and best examples available.Mortars, explosives, grenades, pistols, and a wide variety of melee weapons ranging from knives to shovels are in their kits.

Classes and Races in Elder Scrolls Legends: Which is Best for You?

When it comes to the races and classes of Elder Scrolls: Legends, each is geared toward specific play styles.Learning your own play style and which class or race to play can be the key to winning.

Why Bioware Has to Fix Mass Effect: Andromeda's Favorites System & What They Should Do

I have already talked about how the UI for Mass Effect: Andromeda’s favorites system is janky.While that is a good thing for me, it is a bad thing for Mass Effect: Andromeda because it proves how bad the game's UI is.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide: Main Character Classes and How to Change Them

The main characters of Dragon Quest Heroes 2, Lazarel and Teresa, are able to freely swap between five different classes, though you wouldn't know it from the basic character creation.Before you dive right into the class of your dreams, however, there are a couple of things you should know first.