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Who does city building better: SimCity or Cities: Skylines?

The city building genre, while small, has a very dedicated fanbase, which is why so many people were angered when the newest SimCity game launched in such a poor state.Please note that, while SimCity's launch was a disaster, this comparison will focus on the current states of both games.

Urban Empire Review - A Political City Sim at the Genre's Most Mediocre Point

Sure, Urban Empire was developed by Reborn Games -- but Kalypso knows their way around politically-steeped city builders.Now to preface all this, I didn't go into Urban Empire expecting Tropico.

Bit City -- Legit Tips Guide for New Idle City Builders!

Bit City isn't the most complex idle game out there, but it's very possible you are missing out on money-making opportunities just by not knowing and utilizing the game's features properly.You're going from city to city, not sticking with one.

New Mayors' City Mania Tips Guide to Success

The game's graphics are good; your city's service workers (Bizzies) are adorable and generous, but progressing your city past its infancy is a slow process.If you want to manage the best city you can, you've got to know how to use what's available to the fullest.