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Risk of Rain on PS4/Vita falls short in the multiplayer department

Hopoo Games could not have released a better game than Risk of Rain as their first full-release game.Any fan without a PS4 would rightfully be upset to hear the PC version would be the "inferior" one due to its not-so-great netcode.

Quick n' dirty Starbound 1.0 weapon overview guide

A quick and dirty overview guide covering the types of weapons you can find and use in Starbound.There's pretty much something for everybody in the game's nearly infinite weapon stockpile.

The Current State of Starbound

Released on July 22, 2016 by Chucklefish Games, the full version of Starbound received immediate praise from critics, scoring 8.As players look forward to the future of Starbound, it is important to understand what the game is doing right as of now, before we look into the future.