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Glass Bead Farming for Rift's Carnival

Maybe the best way to farm in Rift's Carnival of the Ascended There are lots of ways to farm Glass Beads in Rift's Carnival of the Ascended.You should get about 300-500 glass beads from each successful onslaught -- not bad for 5 minutes of work.

Guide: Instant Adventures in Rift

In Rift, you have the option to level up your character by grinding through different quests over and over again.These quests, called Instant Adventures (IA's), require you to kill a certain amount of creatures or to collect a certain amount of goodies.

Stellaris Must-Have Mods

Of course, like many Paradox games, Stellaris is glorious, huge, a little buggy, and awkwardly balanced -- luckily for you, it's also easy to mod.Here are some of the best mods around for fixing broken gameplay elements, adding needed options, and balancing the imbalanced.

How to play with friends (for now)

It's easy, but both you and your friend(s) need to have Slither Plus installed.And as you can see at the bottom right there is the IP: play first text with the 'Connect to IP' button.