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Professional StarCraft II players arrested for cheating in game

In South Korea, Changwon Regional Prosecution Service's special investigation division released the prosecution report of a StarCraft II match-fixing scandal.According to the report, eight (including the programmer) have been indicted and arrested, two have been indicted but not arrested, and one individual is still fleeing.

Those People That Are Incredible at Overwatch? They're Not Cheating, They're That Good

Well Blizzard wants you to take a step back and just accept that they're likely not cheating and simply better than you.While Blizzard is encouraging all players to be on the lookout for rampant cheating by reporting suspect players to [email protected]

Blizzard Is Already Banning Thousands of Overwatch Cheaters

A few have even claimed they've tried to delete game launchers, install newly purchased copies, futz with their hard drives to try and mask their account - none of it works.They're all still banned.

1,500+ Overwatch Cheaters Banned

Bringing down the ban hammer, Blizzard is tries to make Overwatch as fair and balanced as possible.More than 1,500 cheaters have been banned from Blizzard's new shooter so far.

Pokemon Go Cheating and Bans Update

Whenever the system founds out that a person is cheating, Niantic will send the user stating the termination of the account.Prior to this update Niantic developers only apply "soft bans" towards cheaters.

Nioh: Sloth Talisman Cheat for Beating any Boss

), by now you should be aware of Nioh's strong connection to stupidly difficult games like Dark Souls or the rebooted Ninja Gaiden.unless you utilize a little-known section of the Onmyo magic skill tree.