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Nintendo NX may use cartridges; might not be the worst idea

Macronix, Nintendo's supplier of ROM chips typically used for 3DS games, has made an announcement that has many Nintendo NX theorists scrambling to find out what they could possibly mean.” For those who couldn't catch the point of interest: Macronix has subtly implied that the Nintendo NX has a high likelihood of using cartridge-based games.

Reproduction Video Games: The Fakers, Makers and Takers

Even though the medium of film is over a hundred years old, preservation efforts didn’t start until 29 years ago with the National Film Registry -- you’d be surprised how much we’ve risked losing in video games.Generally, when the subject of retro video games comes up, even for the people who are in the know, the topic of identifying what games are real and what’s fake doesn’t garner a whole lot of focus.