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Hero World, the Guitar Hero/DJ Hero MMO that never was

Unseen64 contributer Liam Robertson recently uploaded a Youtube video (above) which revealed details of a cancelled web-based MMO that would have connected the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero games together.Dubbed Hero World, the idea was to have players manage their own clubs and to try to drive as many NPC's to their establishment as possible by hiring players of the various Guitar Hero and DJ Hero titles to play there.

USC Video Game Panel Cancelled for Excessive Maleness

The University of Southern California cancelled its "Legends of the Games" event when the sole female participant communicated that she was not able to attend.Tracy Fullerton, Director of USC Games, made the call to cancel the event four hours before it took place.

Lynn and the Spirits of Inao Kickstarter cancelled due to legal issues

The cancellation was due to legal issues where the France based studio did not pay their interns.It has been revealed that the Kickstarter for Lynn and the Spirits of Inao has been cancelled due to legality concerns.

Why was Legacy of Kain cancelled?

Financial issues, mismanagement, a lack of audience, and low game quality led to the cancellation of a Legacy of Kain reboot, as well as the spin-off, Nosgoth.With this year’s cancellation news of the critically-acclaimed action-adventure series Legacy of Kain’s anticipated spin-off, Nosgoth, people are starting to wonder: what happened to the once-great vampire series?

The 3 Most Believable Reasons Why Scalebound Was Cancelled

The development of Scalebound finally started in 2013 as a part of the partnership deal between Platinum and Microsoft.While Platinum worked on innovative combat and RPG mechanics, Microsoft made sure that the game looked as appealing as possible.

SMITE Rivals is "On Hold" Indefinitely

If you were looking forward to the SMITE spinoff game called SMITE Rivals, then I have some bad news for you.Hi-Rez Studios, the creators behind the mobile brawler game, decided to put its development on hold for the time being.