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McCree to be nerfed, D.Va to be buffed in Overwatch

It was only a matter of time before adjustments were made to Blizzard's new hero shooter, Overwatch.That time seems to have come -- and Reaper and McCree are in the crosshairs.

Blizzard Is Already Banning Thousands of Overwatch Cheaters

A few have even claimed they've tried to delete game launchers, install newly purchased copies, futz with their hard drives to try and mask their account - none of it works.They're all still banned.

Overwatch Reaches Over 7 Million Players In Less Than Two Weeks

Since Overwatch's release on May 24, there have been more than 7 million players who have logged in to duke it out in Blizzard's new MOBA-esque first person shooter.Over 119 million hours have been played and eleven million payloads have been capped.

1,500+ Overwatch Cheaters Banned

Bringing down the ban hammer, Blizzard is tries to make Overwatch as fair and balanced as possible.More than 1,500 cheaters have been banned from Blizzard's new shooter so far.

CS:GO Streamer JoshOg Announces $25,000 Overwatch Tournament

There haven't been many announcements in regards to competitors or the exact date.All that has been mentioned so far is that the tournament will be some time in June.

Overwatch bans are no joke...and they're for life.

Although bestselling game Overwatch launched only last week, developer Blizzard Entertainment has already begun permanently banning thousands of users worldwide found to be using hacks and cheating programs.Users of a popular Overwatch cheat program were banned en masse yesterday, to the point that the program's creators have shut down the authentication servers until they find a solution.

Overwatch Review: Believe the Hype

Since it's announcement, Overwatch has been followed with an almost unbelievable amount of hype -- which can be a dangerous thing for a new IP.For a game just launching, Overwatch already has a ton of content.

Overwatch balance changes will be separate for PC and consoles

A recent tweet by the Overwatch official twitter confirmed that Blizzard’s popular new IP will be balanced separately on consoles and PC.He addressed concerns where they didn't want to harm the console experience with PC specific changes.

Elon Musk is a fan of Overwatch

11 million followers, For any gamers who were wondering what system he plays Overwatch on, Musk was quick to state that he plays it on the PC.Blizzard and Smosh Games were both quick to acknowledge Musk's compliment with the following tweets, Overwatch is a multiplayer shooter that was released on May 24 for PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.

Trouble for Twitch? New Facebook and Blizzard Live streaming Deal may compete

On June 6, 2016, Blizzard Entertainment announced that they will team up with Facebook to integrate new features to allow players to connect and share gaming experiences with friends.Could this move possibly be a threat to the well-known streaming service of Twitch?

Rumor: Overwatch may get Cross-Platform Play

It seems that Blizzard is thinking about cross platform play for Overwatch, but not between PC and consoles.On June 4, 2016, the Overwatch Twitter published this tweet: It seems to hint that cross-platform play could be a feature for Overwatch in the future.

World of Warcraft Legion: Artifact Weapon Appearances Guide

There will be a separate guide to show the hidden appearances.The requirements to unlock each appearance is the same for every weapon, except for the hidden appearances.

You Can Now Stream Blizzard Games on Facebook

The update allows all players to stream live gameplay directly to their Facebook pages.The update was originally meant to go online in July, but had some minor technical setbacks that led to delaying the update's functionality to this week.

The Number One Reason I Stopped Playing Hearthstone

It's a strategy card game created by Blizzard, Hearthstone is built upon the world and lore of World of Warcraft.Normally, I would drop the game here and there until the release of a new expansion would reinvigorate my passion.

Overwatch Year of The Rooster Event Guide

The latest Overwatch event, Year of the Rooster, is live!The goal is to capture 3 flags while defending your own.

How Overwatch Needs to Learn From League's Punishment System

It has been stated as well that, This has lead to a substantial 40% in player reform that Overwatch could benefit from.In addition to punishment, to make a quick point, Overwatch could benefit from a more specific report system much like LoL.

Blizzard Plans to Cease Support for Games on Windows XP and Vista

A definite date was not provided by Blizzard as of the time of this writing.With the release of three new Windows OS (Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10) over the last decade, the company believes the majority of their player base has already upgraded to these newer versions of Microsoft's operating system.

Necromancers are Coming Back From the Dead in Diablo III

A new class is coming soon to the Reaper of Souls expansion for Diablo III.In an update called "Rise of the Necromancer", Blizzard is introducing more playable heroes that are -- you guessed it -- Necromancers.